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(September 25th, 2008 by fil)

Just arrived home. tired and exhausted from all the traffic, workload in the office etc., etc. tomorrow is friday and it’s my day off. so tonight, I and celeste will be having a movie marathon (simple way of accumulating another stress, hehehe). on the setlist? spiderwick, vantage point, august rush, stompyard and another movies which we’ve downloaded from limewire. we finished the true story “a mighty heart” last night, which starred angelina jolie.

t’was a nice and compelling movie about these two journalists who risked their lives meeting prominent yet dangerous personalities in pakistan. the two were trying
to come up with a story related to 9/11. but instead, what happened is tragedy.

daniel pearl (portrayed by dan futterman) was kidnapped. pakistani authorities with the help from other organizations including FBI, immediately conducted a massive investigation and search operations. days, weeks have passed, still no traces of where danny is. mariane (angelina jolie) the wife of danny who is also a journalist and a 5-month
pregnant is still hopeful that her husband is okay and alive. but she was devastated after learning the news, danny pearl is already dead. worse, he was not killed by a gunshot, he was beheaded.

so depressing but inspiring how marian managed and able to continue living the life that she’s having now with her son to danny. anyway, spiderwick has a different story so we’ll see….that’s it for now.

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