My First Eid Holiday Trip

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October 3rd, 2008 by fil
This blog entry was supposed to be done two days ago but only just now i got the time and the interest to put all the experiences during my first Eid Holiday trip, into words.
Originally,the trip was scheduled for Muscat, Oman for a city tour. I woke up early that day and since i got no work, i could send off celeste (my fiancee) to her pick up point. So there she was, taking her ride on a black toyota land cruiser prado, driven by her boss, with them are her boss’s wife, indians and sri lankan officemates. I really wanted to go with them, but since I was informed about the trip at the last minute, I was not able to secure my passport kept by the HR of Gulf News (the company where I’m working).
My mind was set to go back to bed, again, but before reaching our flat, Celeste
called up inviting me to go with them. Muscat trip is cancelled and instead,
they are going to Al Ain in Abu Dhabi wherein no passport is needed. I never
wanted to go because i don’t want to rush up, take a bath and get dressed,
while they are waiting for me. Sleeping supposedly was my plan, but still i was
convinced to go with them.
Zooooom, on board the other car, the toyota innova, in convoy with the prado. While hitting the road heading Al Ain, we made a stop at this resting area and had some tasty pasta. Minutes passed, on the road again, making fun of the camera, aiming to guys at the backseat since I was sitting in the front. We were awed how wonderful the nature when we saw waves of golden coloured deserts, roaming wild camels and beautifully lined-up palm trees.
Several minutes after, palm trees were everywhere, clean and wide roads, big
round-abouts then we realized we’re in Al Ain proper already. Estimated 1 hour and 30 minutes travel from Dubai.
We directly went to Al Ain Zoo. I find the zoo nice, with enough animals in it and the facilities are good. Like this orangutan, he has this kind of a playground area where he can climb up and jump off from one place to another. The ostriches has enough space also for them to have their running routine and the cheetah with an ala south african cage designed so suit him/her. There were giraffes, rhinos etc. Unfortunately, we were able to “meet and greet” only a few of the animals because the zoo was quite big and the weather was a little hot.
Next stop was Al Ain mall where we had our lunch. After lunch, everybody was set to Jebel Hafeet. Hafeet is located in the outskirts of Al Ain and has a measurement of 1240 meters high. This peak became a tourist attraction after it was developed. Roads are perfectly constructed; it is being described as one of “the best driving roads in the world” and I agree. Its steep and curves make driving more challenging. We saw hundreds if not thousands of vehicles going to and from the peak.

While at the peak, different poses, camera flashes, honks and horns by cars, were everywhere. You can view the entire Al Ain from up there. Whew! What a peak or should I say, what a peek and what a view it was!
20 minutes later, we were driving down heading Abu Dhabi. Had our picnic/dinner outside the Marina Mall and then went straight home-Dubai. Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), 11:30 pm.

I told Celeste how happy I was with the trip and I thanked her for convincing me to go with them. Eid Mubarak!




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