The Best Of Skype

Fridays and Saturdays, our weekend here in UAE, and this is our usual schedule to chat with our 2 year old son who is still in the Philippines.

Our baby Ilori, also known by his nick as Yuri, is always excited to see us on the webcam thru skype, the way my wife and myself do. “hello nay, hello tay”; that’s his first greeting. It is just so nice to hear those words coming from him, really!

Thru skype, we could communicate that easy with our lovedones wherever and whenever they are. We are thankful with that, though there are times that its difficult to connect but, its still great to have this free line of communication.

We bought a Mahalo Ukelele several months ago and everytime we chat, I play 1 or 2 songs with it in front of our dear Yuri. He then say and asks, “wow, ako na tay”? (wow, is that for me tay?).

Few days more, and we’ll be home soon for our vacation and we can be together again with our dear Yuri. I can hand the ukelele to him and help him play with it. And hopefully we could bring him and live here with us in the UAE. Fingers crossed!

Thank you skype and thank God for skype!




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