Workout 101

I have read a book several years back that says, buying quality and comfortable sports apparel will motivate you if your aiming to burn fats thru physical exercises on the gym.

After four years here in Dubai, those thoughts came back and I started buying some sports apparel and spending time doing rounds in Al Safa Park, near to our former place in Jumeirah 2, Dubai UAE before we moved to nearby Al Satwa.

During sale, I bought another sports apparel and yet my appetite for physical exercise is off and on still. But not until we moved again to another place which is only meters away to a gym.

I felt like, I have no other reason not to get serious in reducing my fat. Yes, admittedly without hesitation, I am fat. Though I don’t feel insecure nor ashame with my 88 kilograms weight because I’m aware of my food and alcohol intake. Lol!

So, aside from its proximity, the gym’s monthly fee is way lower compared to the leading fitness centre in the city, then I enrolled.

Finally, those few apparels I bought are now put into good use. Everyday after work, after taking little dinner, I would then rush to the gym and perform my program. Whew! I love seeing myself in the mirrored wall of the gym, with sweat dripping all over my body. It means, I am now burning fats! Burn baby burn!

Unfortunately, 3 weeks after I started my workout, I got sick. It’s like all those fever, body
pain are coming out altogether. Rested for few days and back again!

It would just be a waste of time and money if I’d stop this. Now, my latest weight is 86.20 from 88 kilograms and I’m almost in my two months now. Not bad I guess!? Hoping to lose more weight!

And I could see some little changes too not just in weight. Of course with the help of those apparels I’ve been mentioning from the start. It will really define the shape of your body, which is one of the very reasons why we go to the gym, to see some muscles aside from burning fats. I tell you, it’s different when you go to the gym with an ordinary shirt and shorts on. It won’t help. It will demotivate you.

Langga!? I hope you’re reading this. I wanted to have a jogging pants?! hahahahaha. (This blog is brought to you by Mike, Leebok, Adibas and Pila)

But hell yeah, I am doing this for me to get tuned because my baby boy is now 2 years old and is getting hyper and hyper each day. I want to run with him if he runs. You know what I mean. And the big plus+ now is, my wife is always wearing a big smile.

Rock on! Let’s continue clanging and banging the dumbbells!




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