Destination: Dubai Shopping Festival

This season of the year here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the best season because it is winter and it is Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) which started last January 5, 2012 and will end on February 5, 2012.  Dubai is known all over the world for its big and vast malls scattered in its former desert lands.  Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates are just two of the gigantic malls in Dubai.

Just a friendly reminder to those who are planning to visit Dubai and experience the DSF, you might end up “saving” the other way around, because you’ll find so many temptations. Discounts here, bargain there, sale everywhere!

I was really having a big laugh yesterday when I saw this pic on a weekly newspaper in Dubai called Xpress, I’m sure you will be laughing with me now too.

Image Credit: © xpress/Ramachandra Babu

For more information about Dubai Shopping Festival, please click this link from Gulf News dsf-opens-with-spectacular-display-of-fireworks-1.962079




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