Facebook Goes IPO

Fresh buzzing information as of today, is Facebook’s IPO or Initial Public Offering. From a private company to public company.

To know more about IPO, please click this: What is IPO?

Majority of Facebook’s 800 million users will just let this development pass but this is something that everybody should know. Personally, I am continuously stupefied with Mark Zuckerberg’s genius. Hated by many also. Lol! I just can’t imagine, how bigger Facebook will become if this IPO will take place. I just hope that this social network giant will continue to have its supremacy for the next next generations to embrace the same way we are doing now.

You can find so many write ups on the internet regarding this development and I find this one from Cliff Kuang much interesting and informative. I would like to bring you to his page, explaining in details on why Facebook goes IPO and perhaps you can see later what Facebook is to you and to everybody then, by clicking this also: Cliff Kuang on Facebook’s IPO




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