Hello Manny, Floyd Here

I wanted to sleep now, 11:53 pm on the clock when I saw a wall post at FB regarding Floyd Mayweather phoning Manny Pacquiao. This must be great if these informations are genuine. From the comments that I have read from fans of these two great boxers, they were all excited to hear the final announcement from the promoter.

Surely not just the Philippine crime will drop if this most awaited fight will happen. The whole world will stop turning to watch this would be super mega fight.

Based on the several failed negotiations between the two camps, I think this development is taking this to where all the fans wanted.

“Mayweather called Michael Koncz to talk to Manny, and Michael Koncz put Manny on the phone,” said Arum. “Manny said that they have to resolve the date and other issues, and other things are happening.”





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