Welcoming Year 2012 (part 2)

Okay, so this is my first entry for this year but the second part of my post “Welcoming Year 2012”.

The usual Filipino fellowship and gathering on New Year’s celebration is still very much active in the United Arab Emirates. Again, different Filipino dishes were prepared by the host friend for the Media Noche like Valenciana, Grilled Squid and “Palabok” which filled our stomach. Booze also were overflowing. 🙂

It’s good to have this kind of gathering in a different country to at least, minimize the loneliness and the sad feeling of being away from our loved ones. We exchanged stories that happened in the year 2011 and things that are hoped to happen this year 2012. Singing our hearts out thru videoke, laughter etcetera. But the celebration was added more fun when the the world’s tallest tower, The Burj Khalifa, started its 15-minute like fireworks presentation.

We were inside a villa compound in Al Satwa, Dubai, just a kilometer away from the The Burj Khalifa, and we were more mezmerized with its presentation. They added colors and choreography to the fireworks. We could hear the ooohhs and the aaaahhhhs from everywhere. Some went to their rooftops to have a better view of the fireworks which ended a total bang of beautiful colors and grand synchronized choreography.

Having seen that grand presentation of The Burj Khalifa which was brought to us by the Dubai Government and the whole of United Arab Emirates, I must say despite of the economic turmoil for the past 2011, Dubai and the rest of UAE is still in good and excellent shape. A very good manifestation of the bright days ahead of us expats who came here to earn a good living.

My thanks to this country, to our Filipino friends, to our Media Noche host friend, above all to God for all the things He gave us and for the next He’s giving us.

Happy New Year!

For a more awesome review of The Burj Khalifa’s 2012 Fireworks Presentation, please click the link: watch?v=QxueEPFA5B0




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