My Everyday Top Ten Sites

(Not in particular order)
Before going to work, after work, and before going to bed this is the very first site I’d check to see my notifications. I love checking it even if most of it are just requests from FB friends and even non-FB friends to join the app they have just joined too etc. lol!
This is to update myself on current events and news everywhere in the world. I am always hungry for news. It is like blood in my veins that should keep running to keep me alive. wahihi!
This is the site where I get to know what’s the latest top blog story or posts on the net. This is the place also where bloggers everywhere in the world meet, so I am like, reading on almost everything what they’re up to.
I am not a gadget geek or a gadget freak, but I’d say that I love gadgets and even if I own only a few. With this site, I will know what’s the latest movement on major or non-major player internet companies. This is where the newbies on the internet industry can be seen also.
I always visit the site to keep myself posted on the latest releases of BlackBerry and that is because I’m a BlackBerry user and a lover. Weehhh! But I am not buying every newly released BlackBerry products; just the thought of knowing what’s in and what’s not is the main objective of visiting the site. 🙂 🙂
Since I learned about the existence of, which I can’t actually remember when was it, (lol), I can’t remember also that there’s a day or two that I never visit the site. It is so very useful and truly justifies its purpose as an electronic encyclopaedia.
Same with, is always a site for me to visit. I think almost everything is in google. I am a certified googler. 🙂
Who else from my generation who doesn’t go to YouTube every day? My visit to this site is as frequent as the two above sites. But most of my visit goes to music videos from all different kind of artists and genres. I really love music. ♪♪♫ do re mi fa so la ti do! ♪♪♫ And I am a certified YouTuber too…
I also love to read yahoo news. Always fresh and new and that because they’ve been there for such a long time already, seems like they’re one of the considered authorities in online news. They’ve added so many websites and platforms to the company but remains.
Last but not the least, is this one. I also love photography. I am still an amateur in this field but I love to learn and I love seeing others’ creativity through pictures on

Those are my everyday top ten sites. So tell me what’s yours. You can share it here on this site.





A Filipino expat in Dubai, an online ad specialist, a social media influencer, a photographer wannabe, a music lover, a loving husband and a loving father, a movie freak, a gadget geek, a foodie etcetera

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7 Responses

  1. Aswani says:

    Hello, thanks for sharing your list of top 10 sites. Nice job. I like it. Keep writing…!

    • filmansantiago says:

      thanks much aswani. enjoyed reading your blog also. have joined you on google friend connect too with my actual name. keep on visiting my sites! happy blogging!

  2. Jlee says:

    I have to go to [US Weekly] everyday for my celeb fix! LOL 🙂

  3. Henry says:

    Thanks for posting this is a great help to acquire more knowledge….

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