Some Reasons Why Babies Are Always Loved

We just had a reunion with our 2 year old son after a year of separation as me and my wife are working in Dubai, UAE. We have heard so many different funny stories about our baby who unfortunately doesn’t want to be called baby anymore. πŸ™ My in-laws are always telling us during our weekly chat, how smart our baby has become, how he has always entertained them and conversed with them as if he’s already a ten year old boy.

There was even a time when my wife talked to him on the phone and when asked about what he’s doing, he then directly answered, “trabaho ko nay” (I am working mom). Lol! He was actually helping his grandparents arranging new stocks to be displayed on their small grocery shop in our hometown in the Philippines.

My wife had a big laugh upon hearing our 2 year old son saying those words with clarity. We didn’t expect him to answer that way as if he really knows what he was doing and what he is going to say. This is a kind of moment where we could have pinched his cheek telling him how happy we were.

Past 2 am this morning, while sleeping, I was surprised by the way he positioned himself. For like, more than 30 minutes, he was just on this position, the one on the pic below. It was like he’s praying or something like he’s giving himself a good position when he’s going to fart. Lol! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

But I was a bit worried too, whether this is okay or is it safe for him.

After getting out of bed at 7:30, I searched on the net to know what it is to them, I found so many similar stories about it, and it was a relief, knowing from what I have read that this is just nothing but normal.

Just to share, here is the link, stories from all the mums out there:

Anyway, we will be bringing him this time to Dubai, so all the fun and funny moments now will always be seen first-hand.




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3 Responses

  1. temona says:

    so cute, dong. i know there.s nothing like having ur kid around and he u. happy for you 3… stan sleeps that way sometimes. yeah, nothing to worry, though i think they are feeling cold when they do that. hikap lng lapa2 kung wa ba nangamig, if not, then feel lng jd ngali n nila nga position basin ana sila sulod s tummy ni mom. πŸ™‚

    • filmansantiago says:

      hehehe, tsakto ka te, but I don’t remember my nanay told me having that position when I was like his age… πŸ™ so lahi na gyud mga bata ron sa? πŸ™‚ mura nag mga ninja… haha

  2. FrancisCar says:

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