Lesson 101: Always Use Space In SMS

A Bit Naughty Joke With Big Real Lesson

I am usually entertained by jokes I found on facebook groups like this one. I have read it several times before but still it gave me cracks and laughter. Which on the another good side of it is, it also served as a reminder to me as a husband and to other married couples who were able to read it. Now you, if you’re a married person or soon to be married, be sure to keep this joke cum reminder in mind.

I gave my secretary an expensive PEN as a birthday gift yesterday.

She sent me a ‘Thank You’ note via SMS.

My wife read the text this morning and angrily shows me the message:

“Your penis wonderful, I enjoyed using it last night. Thanks”.

Moral:- Space is essential in every successful married life!

Two words I think are enough as my reaction to it. I agree!

What do you think? You’ll might say I agree but deep within, you’ll remain that over jealous and over protective kind of spouse. Lol!




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