Cooking: Tinolang Isda – Fish Stew

7 Ingredients To A Delicious Tinolang Isda [Simplified]

1 kg – King Fish (Tangigue)
1 bundle – Water Spinach (Kang kong)
1 piece – Tomato
2 stalks – Spring Onions (Sibuyas Dahon)
Thumb sized Ginger
Salt (to taste)
Seasoning (optional)

This Filipino dish is so popular in the southern part of the country especially in the coastal areas. A very good appetizer on every meal but often times eaten as an entrée or a stand alone dish best taken during lunch time.

Philippines being an archipelago, fish supply is abundant. Fresh king fishes, groupers, tunas and any other kinds are available and can be bought in any wet market.

Cooked without oil, I consider Tinolang Isda as one of the most healthiest foods I could think of. 🙂 If you want to have a break and at least do away eating meat, fatty and other cholesterol loaded dishes for some time, then try this one now.

How I Did It

Ready the sliced king fish, tomato, onion and kangkong

Put the fish to the boiling water, wait until it is halfway cooked, put on the sliced ginger, tomato and onion

Put salt, you may add a seasoning or you may not. I don't usually use this also, I just want to get that right taste this time. 🙂

Add the kang kong, cover it for 3 - 5 minutes and then chow time! 🙂

There goes my simplified, iron rich Tinolang Isda for everybody. To make your meal more satisfying, you can have this along with grilled fish (sinugba/inihaw na isda) and with the Filipino style Sashimi which is basically called ceviche (kinilaw). These three recipes are also fondly called, Su-To-Kil. Word play for the Cebuano words; sugba (grill), tola (stew) and kilaw/kinilaw (ceviche).

Any suggestions to make this recipe more tasteful or share your way of making Tinolang Isda is much appreciated.





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