Is A.W. Surveys A Scam?

Scam I Think It Is

I was delighted to the fact; I mean they have their own definition of fact, that by just signing up, you will get  a few $ immediately reflected to your account. So I signed up. My wife was my first referral and indeed, another $ amount added to my account.

That time I was like, this must be the passive income that I have been looking for on the internet. It’s not that I am not enjoying the fruits I reaped from my day time job, but it just feels different to do some things during your free time knowing that in a minimal amount, you are having additional income, at least.

But It just made that feeling untrue when few days back, I found out that I can no longer access my account. Reason? There’s none and I don’t know why.

What Is A.W. Surveys?

As the name goes, it is a site built by a certain Aclarn Inc., which conducts survey of products or websites from different companies.

After I signed up, I have finished several surveys of websites, which basically, have the same features of A.W. Surveys. That time, I was till positive and confident about the genuineness of this thing I was doing. By every survey you made to a site, another $ will be added to your account. I set my threshold to $50 before I could transfer funds to my PayPal account.

They say, that you have to visit and log into your account every 45 days to keep your account active. Well, I was logging like, everyday.

After months of everyday logging in and surveying that same sites I did since I started, I checked my account and I saw with my very own eyes, $15 more for me to cash out.

But just last week, I was furious why I can’t access my account. I have done several referrals but were all gone now.

So to me, A.W. Surveys is a scam. Sounds funny? No, it actually sounds scammy and more than that.

A.W. Surveys is a scam




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  1. People were sometime unaware of this scam especially that the invitation is that so enticing to join. Thanks for this tip(s). It’s helpful.

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