Jebel Hafeet And Al Ain Zoo Revisited

Summer Getaway

I didn’t hesitate saying “yes” to the invitation I received last Thursday night from a friend through phone, about going to Al Ain Zoo and Jebel Hafeet.  I have once visited the said places 4 years back, with my then fiancee now my wife.  Instantly the feeling of excitement which I have experienced before, resurrected. 🙂

At 9 in the clear and sunny Friday morning, we are hitting the Dubai – Al Ain Road.  We reached Al Ain after an hour of driving and went straight to Jebel Hafeet.

Slowly, we  headed towards the top of Jebel Hafeet in this picture.

Feels like you're in the Grand Canyon in the U.S. with this view, left and right.

Such a rocky mountain high

One of Jebel Hafeet's few establishments.

View at Jebel Hafeet's first stop.

Al Ain Zoo

After having a sumptuous lunch brought and prepared by the Bernaldez and Vicentes, we were able to cool ourselves down with the cool fresh air at the mountaintop despite the summer heat.  Our kiddos enjoyed some of the rides in placed and had some snaps.

After spending enough rest time, we head back down on the way to Al Ain Zoo – the biggest in the UAE.

White Tiger, one of Al Ain Zoo's popular animals. This large photo of the white tiger was posted right at the main entrance. (Trisha, Thea & Yuri)

These Ibexes were enjoying the shade.

The big and the lone cacti.

One of the added features in Al Ain Zoo, the reptile enclosures.

If you have noticed, I have posted only few animals since they were unfortunately “uncooperative” that time. 🙂 Finding the right angle to take a snap was just difficult.  Some of the animals were resting or hiding in their enclosures.  But we enjoyed seeing most of them.

I have made a slideshow instead of posting them all here to save time and space.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

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