The Music Genius And The Nature


A Filipino expat in Dubai, an online ad specialist, a social media influencer, a photographer wannabe, a music lover, a loving husband and a loving father, a movie freak, a gadget geek, a foodie etcetera

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3 Responses

  1. Rae says:

    I enjoyed the video. Thanks!

    And that’s what came to mind too, that people might do this and end up hurting the trees. 😛

  2. I would assume that music is in you also. I consider those who appreciate this kind of music, like me; are music lover. 🙂 Thanks Rae!

  3. sarah says:

    I remember one article in Readers Digest the different types of intelligence. It was mentioned that kids with musical inclination shows signs very early in their lives. Sound coming from a carpenter sawing a wood or even hammering a nail is considered music to them. Even the howl of the wind, the waves of the sea, the pouring of the rain, even the roaring thunder.

    Hmm, I suddenly got inspired.

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