Where To Go In Dubai?

  • @ The Temple Of The King
  • @ The Temple
  • Commando Crawl
  • Fire Trees As Background
  • Fire Trees Firing
  • Grilling @ The Park
  • I Am Spiderman, but....
  • Okay Go For It Spiderwoman
  • Sailing @ The Sandy Part Of The Park
  • Tickle Tickle
  • To Stargate
  • Zabeel Bridge
  • Zabeel Park Entrance


A Filipino expat in Dubai, an online ad specialist, a social media influencer, a photographer wannabe, a music lover, a loving husband and a loving father, a movie freak, a gadget geek, a foodie etcetera

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40 Responses

  1. ladymoxie says:

    I have never been to Dubai, in fact I have never been outside the Philippines. But somehow I pictured Dubai to be a desert, sand dunes all around. I certainly did not expect this burst of colors. Beautiful, makes me want to jump on the next flight to get them. I’m happy to be corrected.

  2. Lady says:

    Wow those fire trees are beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Sakura blossoms.
    We have a small farm in the province and I was thinking of planting either a fire tree or Palawan cherry tree.

    There are 2 types of fire trees? Some are petite & others are quite tall huh?

  3. 🙂 Thanks for that ladymoxie. You are like a confirmation to what I have mentioned that the image will surely changes somebody else’s perception about Dubai. Have a great one. Please do keep visiting my blog. Cheers!

  4. Good to hear that from you lady. I think I have seen Sakura blossoms thru mags, tvs and other prints but I am not sure which one. Anyway, fire trees really look lovely. If your planning to plant these kind of trees, why not? About kinds of fire trees, that I do not know. LOL!

    Thanks for dropping by! Cheers!

  5. January says:

    so place like this exist in Dubai pala. I thought puro lang disyerto.. Hmm how I wish I can visit Dubai. 🙂

  6. Techie Liz says:

    Lovely park and family. Nice photo-processing, too!

  7. Love that park! We do have tons of park here too and I do really appreciate those parks where children can safely play and interact with other children. I love the perfectly lined up trees and the matching red benches. It also helps that you took really nice photos 🙂

    Spanish Pinay

  8. Gelo says:

    what a lovely place, hope I can be there too…

  9. I never been to Dubai, oh well, I haven’t travel outside the PI, but anyway, I love the photos taken in the park. The fire trees are beautiful, I hope to see this kind of tree in the future 🙂

  10. Jhari says:

    We’re here in Sharjah. Thanks for the tip. Showed it to my SIL and she loved your photos. Checked it on the map and will definitely visit it this coming Thursday.

  11. Eds says:

    Great photos you got here! Love the color of the fire trees. I suddenly want to go their and relax under those trees and above the green grass of Dubai! I am really hoping my husband and I will go abroad soon. 🙂

    Hace a nice day!

  12. Good to hear that you find it helpful Jhari. Yup, you can visit the park everytime, anyday you want. But we are in the middle of summer 🙂 Just a reminder. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by Jhari!

  13. 🙂 yup, I also thought before that you can see only camels but then I was wrong. Thanks January. What lovely name. 🙂

  14. thanks for that Gelo. 🙂

  15. You can come here Rosemarie If you really like it too. 🙂 Thanks for liking my photos.

    About the fire trees, you can also find these in the PI but very rarely. 🙂

  16. That is a fantastic decision Eds in going abroad. Hope it will materialize soon. Thanks for the kind words and for liking my snaps.


  17. verna says:

    Really nice shots. I’ve never been to Dubai, but I’ve seen some photos before, and I think your shots made Dubai look even more wonderful.

  18. That’s so kind of you Verna. Thanks much. Cheers!

  19. Jhari says:

    That’s the problem, majinit 🙁
    But Insha Allah, we’ll have a good weather (not that humid) by Thursday. If not, there’s always a next time 😉

    **pumasok na pala comment ko, kala ko hindi.

  20. seth says:

    My mom and brother are in Dubai and I will share this information to them so that they can go too and enjoy the scenery. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  21. Liv says:

    love the photos! they are great.
    i haven’t been to Dubai, but would love to go and tour Dubai soon 🙂

  22. Great shots indeed! And to think that we have the same brand of camera but I wonder why my pictures aren’t as beautiful as yours. 🙁 Makes me have more reason to take photography lesson. Soon!

  23. Thank you too Seth! Are you not planning of coming here to Dubai too? 🙂

  24. So see you in Dubai Liv? 🙂 thanks thanks…

  25. Thanks for that Michelle. Yup, you can take photography lesson but if you want, and you’ll just be patient enough to just research it on the net, surely you’ll learn. I am not really good at photography to be honest but I am also in the process of expanding my horizons in the world of photography.

    Cheers! 🙂

  26. miekee_18 says:

    Nice view and nice shot as if professional photographer:) I love the color of the trees. I noticed that the place is so clean:)

  27. Rae says:

    I hope I can go there. Medyo ang mahal pala ng pamasahe papunta jan. Many of my friends live there.

  28. Hi Rae! Sure, why not?! If you have friends here then that is one big help if you really have that urge of going here.

    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  29. KRIZZA says:

    Never been there pa but I have many relatives working in Dubai and as they described to me the place, it’s really nice nga daw and so many good places to visit! 🙂

  30. 🙂 Thanks Techie Liz, courtesy of PicMonkey.com

  31. Thanks for that very kind words of yours amiga! 🙂 Yup, Dubai’s amusement park and facilities are child friendly.

  32. Jhari says:

    It’s me again. Natuloy kami last Friday sa Zabeel park. We missed seeing those Fire trees though. We rode the train kasi from the other side then, since we brought our kids with us, they rolled over the green grass lang. LOL! Babaw noh? So we didn’t walk too much. Pagod narin kasi.

  33. itin says:

    I’m dying to go to Dubai for at least once in my life despite my mother’s incessant shoving of her fantastic Qatar living and employment.

  34. To be honest, I have so many friends here in Dubai before that are now in Qatar. Employment rate and economy in Qatar right now I think is in great shape. Why not go to Qatar, and just visit Dubai when you have the time. Qatar-Dubai is just an hour travel by plane. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by!

  35. what a beautiful place. Dubai is one of the most interesting , modern country of today. I hope i can visit it someday and see for myself the wonders it offers.

  36. I agree but I just hate summer season here, really. LOL! I also wish that you can come here in Dubai. 🙂 Cheers!

  37. Kristen says:

    my sister and her husband live in Abu Dhabi. I’ve seen a lot of photos and heard great stories about how wonderful Middle East it. I cannot wait to visit next year, and of course Dubai will be part of our itinerary!

  38. So see you then! 🙂

  39. Pinay R. says:

    The place is so beautiful… your pictures so vivid! We didn’t go to the park when I was in Dubai… it was summer so we chose the mall!

  40. What wonderful photos. I’d love to visit that place. The colors are so vibrant. What a contrast to the dull days here in England at the moment. All our growth is dormant waiting for next summer.

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