Best Contemporary OPM: Bastat May Plano, Kaya Mo Yan By Bamboo

Bamboo’s Back With A Plan

I’ve been seeing Philam Life’s campaign banners everywhere on the net for months now with Bamboo on it. But only now I realized that part of the company’s campaign program is Bamboo’s latest hit song entitled Basta’t May Plano, Kaya Mo Yan. One of the downsides being away from my homeland. You are among the lasts to know the what’s new and what’s not. Sigh! The song has been on the airwaves in Philippines.

After I’ve downloaded it for free from yesterday, I’ve been playing the song from my phone countless times. With good lyrics and good melody comes a great song from a good artist, Bamboo.

Being the front man of the former and disbanded bands Rivermaya and Bamboo, he continues to surface and keeping the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) alive. With this song, you can also relate to what has happened to him as an artist. But definitely he has a plan. A plan that will bring him to more successes through great songs like this one or even better to this one.

Basta’t meron kang plano may kasama
Konting kulay, sarap ng buhay
Lahat gumagaan.
Anumang pangarap kahit gaano man kahirap
Konting sikap maabot mo ‘iyan
Anumang pagsubok sa buhay
‘Pag meron kang plano, get a little peace of mind
Basta merong plano sa buhay
Malalampasan mo

Listening to the song brings me back to my high school years. It seems to me that “Himala” was just released yesterday along with the “Awit Ng Kabataan” etc. 🙂 It is a sort of inspiration also especially to those who are striving hard like us OFWs to better the lives of our lovedones back home.

Once again, great song Bamboo!





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4 Responses

  1. Lalah says:

    I’ve always like Bamboo. Another great song. long live OPM 🙂

  2. leira says:

    i was so touched by the lyrics.. great song!

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