Are We Seeing A Big Downturn Of Facebook Next Year?

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  1. Daddy Allan says:

    I just don’t know if facebook will have the same fate as friendster. I just hope no.

  2. reese says:

    i expect that to happen…some will peter out and another will emerge
    thats the law of contradiction

  3. There has been a couple of new social networking sites like Zurker who try to replace facebook but I’m still sticking to facebook as now as the other newer sites are not so user friendly.

  4. Awwww!! When Friendster shut down, I thought the same about Facebook. But I hope it won’t happen. I’m kinda attached to Facebook now, can’t let it go.

  5. Lady says:

    It might have the same fate yes…but it’s not going to be next year. A lot of people still use facebook and it has a lot of uses. It has groups, games, pages, chat etc. Something friendster didn’t have and people weren’t really using it for socializing.

    While it’s true that it’s losing some users (including me) and it might even be significant enough for people to worry. But since they are 126962387 million/billion users away from its competitors, that’s probably not much.

    Google+ has a strict policy on using real names though. And that’s why a lot of people (including me) are not using it :p

  6. Anne lei says:

    i hope not. it is really a good venue to advertise your links and product, aside from greetings and comments.

  7. RonLeyba says:

    Facebook will surely make it big for years to come. They are here to stay and dominate the social networking community around the world wide web.

  8. January says:

    I hope Facebook will continue to be the most popular social network because thru FB we’ll able to find and reconnect with our long lost friends and relatives. 🙂

  9. Yhey Garcia says:

    I really hope that Facebook will survive. It’s just needs work and maintenance, not keeping on adding features without fixing the existing bugs. It gets annoying when you see a new feature and an existing one is still not working well.

  10. Lalah says:

    oh my!!! I should start saving my pics from FB I dont want to have the same fate for my albums with friendster. Its so sad

  11. Gelo says:

    I think it would not happen to facebook, but i do like Google+ too

  12. I’m thinking about it too but i hope FB will survive and won’t let it happen. And yeaaa Nowayyy! I would also stick to Facebook.

  13. aby says:

    i am not into google +.. too boring.. hahaha but sometimes facebook is starting to have too much clutter post of this and that.. as of now, i am a twitter user! haha

  14. rachelle says:

    i wish this won’t happen. FB is a very effective way to communicate with my loved ones back home.

  15. Khim says:

    Expect the unexpected. We didn’t even think that friendster will be shut down. But, with facebooks millions of users, let’s just hope it can survive.

  16. anygen says:

    will just wait and see… so far facebook is working well and if they will have new one then it is ok. Good to explore different upgrades right?

  17. Agree! Aside from twitter, this is where I always update myself on what’s happening everywhere not to mention though all those trash posts. 🙂

  18. Good suggestion there Yhey! 🙂

  19. Yes! Business wise, social media marketing, facebook is very useful.

  20. Hahaha, that was funny. Yup, better be prepared! 🙂

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