Best Facebook App Called Wrapp

  • Wrapp 1
    This is what will appear after typing/searching "Wrapp" in the search bar.
  • Wrapp 2
    After clicking "Visit Website" it will direct you to this... then click "Join Wrapp".
  • Wrapp 3
    If you can't find your friend you want to send your gift card from the suggested lists, you can make a quick search by clicking "friends" icon.
  • Wrapp 4
    If you're in Sweden, in the US and other European countries, then you can enjoy this gift cards especially the free ones from leading brands.
  • Wrapp 5
  • Wrapp 6
    And voila! This is what your friend will see and will be online or through iPhone or Android phones.


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2 Responses

  1. My first time to encounter wrapp. I think it’s worth-checking out.

  2. I hope its available in Philippines so my friends will send me social gifts (I’ll reciprocate too!), hehe!

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