Disable Hyperpromote Pop-Under Ads On Your Blog

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  1. GOODBYE Indeed! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  2. anne lei says:

    Yes, we really need to value some of our visitors comment. By the way, thanks for sharing this bidvertiser.

  3. Thank you for that Anne Lei. Would you be kind enough to join Bidvertiser through this: Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser


  4. You are most welcome Louise Antonette!

  5. Olga says:

    Thanks for disabling those pop-up ads and for sharing how you did it. I also get annoyed by pop-up ads and dislike visiting sites that have them.

  6. Thank you too Olga. 🙂

  7. I’ve tried bidadvertiser before but the payout wasn’t that good. Great that you removed the pop under as I too will be turned off a site if it had ads popping up.

  8. aby says:

    thanks for sharing how to remove it.. i dont like popups too

  9. Lalah says:

    I so dislike pop up ads. Thanks for this one.

  10. January says:

    thanks for sharing. i hate pop-ups too..:)

  11. anygen says:

    this is really true… annoying indeed! Been in this situation before, adverts were complaining on me because of the pop-up and finally I was able to solved it. Good tips!

  12. Mylene says:

    There are really pop-up that are annoying. I for one set the popup blocker because I am afraid of malware which execute in form of pop-up windows.

  13. Farida says:

    This is really interesting but I’m glad that I don’t have this in my site. Anyway, I’ve noticed that your site seems to be full of advertisements. How do you earn from it? I’m planning to buy a domain name for my site too but I’m still contemplating if I really need it or not. Please share your thoughts. Thanks 🙂 By the way, you can add the link of your response here to your response in my blog so I could read it.

  14. It’s annoying when I encounter this kind of pop on when blog hopping.. Thanks for sharing this tips, I hope other bloggers would try to disable the hyperpromote pop up in their blog 🙂

  15. itin says:

    Blogs with pop-ads like yours are really annoying to be honest. I don’t get what’s with them. Do they make you that much that they cant be put off? They literally make a great spam material. You have one that appeared from under and it literally blocks my view.

  16. Hi Farida, thanks for that. To be honest, I not really earning that much with regards to my adverts. But so far, I am earning a little with my ads from Nuffnang. One concern also that I have to look into is how to increase my traffic for me to increase my earnings.

  17. Oh this is the post.. I don’t know but I can still experience pop-ups on your site.. Hope on my next blog hop it will be totally clear 🙂 Enjoy your weekend :))

  18. Would you be kind enough to have a screen shot and email to me? If you don’t mind? Coz I am sure I have deactivated the pop ups already.

    Perhaps what you are seeing now are the crawler ads that comes from the bottom and stays as an overlay for minutes then disappear. I am not deactivating crawler ads, there’s nothing wrong with it.

    Thanks. 🙂

  19. Gerilen says:

    i just saw a pop up ad on ur blog or was it?
    its movie-like pop-up…

  20. Yhey Garcia says:

    I do not intend to be offensive, but I really hate pop-up ads as well. My impression on these adds is that they take you by surprise and you are taken to where the ads is directed to. Which I think explains the higher revenue. I guess that’s the downside of higher paying ads. Just my opinion. 😀

  21. Hi Itin! As I have said, I have disabled already the pop-up ad which basically part of the Bidvertiser ads. The one that you have seen is a crawler ad (not a pop-up ad). Crawler and pop-up are two different kind of ads. And this only stays on your screen for seconds.


  22. kat says:

    Thank you for disabling it. 😀 I think I was one of those people who complained about it. hehe I think what happened with your ad is that the reader does not have the option to stop it so I ended up annoyed. 🙁

  23. I hope that many bidvertiser account holder will follow this one. I find those popup ads really annoying.

  24. Just to reiterate once again Kat, I have disabled already my pop-ups. What you are seeing now are crawler ads which comes from the bottom to the center page which will only stay for seconds. And also, there is an option for you to stop it by clicking the x button on the upper right corner of the ad frame. 🙂

    Again, just to make it clear to all those who kept on saying about pop-ups etc. What you can see now is NOT a POP-UP but a CRAWLER AD and I am not disabling it. Reading some of your comments here seems like I’ve committed a very serious crime. LOL!

  25. That’s the best suggestion and one of the best comments so far I’ve read regarding this post, from you Mylene. You are right, why not set the pop-up blocker. 🙂 A very simple solution.

  26. I usually face this pop up ads problem. It make me irritate. Thanks for sharing it.

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