How To Center A Banner?

  • BidVertiser LeaderBoard not centered
  • sounds funny center banner
  • sounds funny


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  1. reese says:

    this is a nice tutorial…
    bookmarked your page perhaps i can use this for future use

  2. itin says:

    This might be off-topic but I’m so not over a wordpress problem I’ve had since yesterday. How do you find or locate the RSS feed URL?

  3. Gerilen says:

    im playing with my background as of the moment and i would check this tutorial out again coz i did my banner before and i ddnt memorize how to do it 🙂

  4. Gaylee says:

    Thanks for sharing what you learned. Will try it now with mine. Honestly, I only rely on my friend blogger when it comes to the design of my site, haha!

  5. Lady says:

    If you can edit your CSS/HTML you can also assign an id or class to it then just edit it in CSS. This way you can use the same code on any part of your site that needs centering.

    [insert image, text etc]

    On your CSS you can add any of these 2 (whichever works)
    #aligncenter { text-align:center; }
    #aligncenter { margin:auto; }

  6. Daddy Allan says:

    This is very helpful to me which does not have that much idea in formatting my blog. hehehe
    (visit from BCB)

  7. Gelo says:

    thank for the information, i know lots of bloggers will surely help by this info

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