How To Clean Your Laptop Using Home Vacuum Cleaner

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Practical & Effective Laptop Maintenance

Just last year, we bought another laptop which is more than half cheaper than the first one we bought 3 years ago. The very reason for the purchase is not because of the best sale price of the Acer Aspire but due to the problematic behavior of our current laptop Dell Inspiron.

Our Dell Inspiron has this awful noise that comes from the fan underneath and we suspect it is where the problem lies.  It gets very hot in the fan area extending to the center of the unit.  Everytime it overheats, it automatically shuts down, which is so frustrating especially when you are in the middle of something.  Allowing it several minutes to cool down, we can switch it back on but then, it would shut down again after just a few minutes or seconds.  It was like this for several months.  Having a separate laptop cooler/fan also does not help.

When our son accidentally poured water on the keyboard, we never wasted time bringing it to a computer center. Good thing, only the keyboard has to be replaced and everything is perfectly okay according to that Filipino Technician here in Dubai.

We told the technician about the other problems we have with the laptop, as mentioned above; we wanted him to fix it.  But he already knew the answer and just told us this very simple and practical way of DIY solution.  He didn’t want us to pay him additional bucks for something we can do ourselves at home. 🙂 Good guy, he is!

He said the only problem is that our laptop is very dirty and that it just needs a clean-up. (Shame! LOL!) Literally and physically cleaning it up using the regular vacuum cleaner we have at home. Here’s what we did.

It is very effective.  The problems we used to have are now completely gone. We’re so happy that we were able to find this simple solution. We actually thought our Dell will no longer be useful.

If you’re having similar problems with your laptop, I suggest you try doing this before bringing your laptop to the service center.  It’s so easy and no worries even if you’re not a techie person.





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  1. dell says:

    Great article, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. I have a two year old laptop. Being that it is white, it gets dirty very easily. Recently I have been bothered by how nasty the little areas beneath the keys on the keyboard probably are. How can I clean my keyboard at home without taking the keys off? Do any of those keyboard vacuums work, and if so, which ones? I know about the compressed air you can buy and whatnot, but wouldn’t that just push the dirt around beneath the keys, not get rid of it?

  3. This place absolutely keeps on looking better every time I see it.
    You should definitely be pleased.

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