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Electronic shops are everywhere in this city of Dubai especially in malls. I was once among those who refused to believe the convenience given to consumers by these thriving online stores that are sprouting on the net that until now, you could still see start up stores being opened. But now I am convinced with the so many reasons why people are into online shopping.

One of which is mentioned above – convenience; by online shopping, you don’t waste your time on traffic during weekends, you don’t sprain your legs from walking around Dubai’s gigantic malls, visiting each rival store to compare prices, and other stuff you do which never made shopping easy.

Second of which (the very reason behind my recent online purchase) is that you can easily be updated with the best offers each online store has.

It was just so timely that I needed to replace my old and slow laptop, when I saw this other laptop that I liked, being sold at a lower price.  With my wife’s approval :), before hitting the sack that evening, I placed an order from The next day, I received a call confirming my order and that it will be delivered after working hours, as per my request, which is between 6 to 7 in the evening.

If I bought it from an actual electronic store somewhere, I doubt if I could get the same laptop at that same low price.

But remember, not all online stores are giving you guaranteed satisfaction in terms of customer service and handling. Little extra effort in scrutinizing the online store is a must. Questions like, are there any available positive reviews you can find online regarding that store? Or how established the store is? How old the store is? How safe are you in transacting with them? How courteous are their tele-salespersons are? Etc etc.

If you happen to be here in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE or if you have been living here years back but still got no idea about what’s the best and reliable online store, I recommend, Visit their site now to answer all your electronic needs.


In this collage, you can see ALShop’s homepage, my 3-year old son watching me unwrapping my order lappy (lower right) and my shining lappy. 🙂


 This is not a sponsored review and this is of author’s own opinion.




A Filipino expat in Dubai, an online ad specialist, a social media influencer, a photographer wannabe, a music lover, a loving husband and a loving father, a movie freak, a gadget geek, a foodie etcetera

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7 Responses

  1. Jess says:

    lots of new products being added daily
    Saw perfumes, home appliances, wacom etc
    a good site to know what new gadgets are being available in the GCC

    • Jikku says:

      A one-stop shop for all gadget/tech lovers –

      saw even amplifiers and speakers too and not as a package so that we can upgrade our existing home theatre

  2. Jikku says:

    A one-stop shop for all gadget/tech lovers –

    saw even amplifiers and speakers too.

  3. Fredericka Brieger says:

    What also existed then was the electronic ignition system. but it was inside a plain box whose contents most people do not know. Electronic ignition gave off better spars and was almost maintenance free. But such was only found in higher end cars and were generally not present in most compact cars.,

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  4. Yong Seratti says:

    Modern vehicle manufacturing nearly always includes a complete system of some kind from the factory when the car is assembled. This is referred to as the ‘stock’ system, or OEM system. These systems can be supplied by an exclusive vendor to the manufacturer to their specification, or other company that specializes in design or production of such equipment.^

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  5. BabyShop says:

    i have a question how can i make partnership whit this site ?

    Baby shop

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