Dubai When It Rains

  • Flooded Street In Dubai
    These waters were even shallow compared to other streets where no vehicles can pass through
  • Flooded Street In Dubai On A Taxi
    On a taxi, on our way to Deira Bus Stand, took the bus going to R.A.K.
  • Dubai Rain

Streets Like Ponds

We all know that the whole of Middle East of which Dubai, UAE belongs to, rain rarely happens. Some people from other side of the world would even think that rain is not happening here. But for my 5 years here in this most developed Middle Eastern city of Dubai, rain consecutively occurred every December. And these are not just regular rains. What I am trying to say is that, every time it rains, most of the streets here will likely turn into ponds.

It was a heavy downpour when my wife, my son and I stepped out from our apartment. We could hardly get a taxi because drivers refused to pick up passengers since most of the streets were flooded with rainwater. It was almost 11 in the morning and we still have to travel for hours to our planned weekend getaway in Ice Land Water Park in Ras Al Khaimah. Good thing the rain stopped after almost an hour.

I was supposed to write about this last week but I forgot to do it until I saw the pix I took of the streets near to where we are staying, on my mobile phone while browsing.

These waters were even shallow compared to other streets where no vehicles can pass through

On a taxi, on our way to Deira Bus Stand and took the bus that brought us to R.A.K.

No Proper Drainage

The problem is that, most of the streets in Dubai doesn’t have proper drainage. So when it rains, water gets stuck, giving headaches to drivers and commuters as well.

The city government is correcting it and improving their drainage system to answer this unpredicted sudden change of weather.

When you are planning to visit Dubai during the month of December, better be aware and always keep in mind that you’ll probably experience this kind of tropical season in this former desert land where everyday is always like summer.





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