First Family Christmas Dinner @ The Butcher Shop and Grill

Steak At The Walk, JBR, On Christmas Eve

In my previous post prior to this one, I have detailed the reasons why 2012 Christmas is my first.

Days before the Christmas Eve, I was like, inviting myself, to have a Christmas dinner to a friend’s family. 🙂 I even volunteered to buy 1 turkey for us to cook for Noche Buena. But with sudden turn of events, it was canceled and so we decided to celebrate Christmas with another good friend of mine. But then again, it was canceled.

Then my wife and I have realized, that it was an in-disguise cancellations which brought us to thinking, that we need to celebrate Christmas just the 3 of us together as family. We were awakened by the fact that this is actually what we have been longing and waiting for, to celebrate Christmas with our dear Kuya Yuri, our 3-year old son who has been away from us for 2 Christmases.

After work, since Christmas day is just a regular working day here in Dubai, we went out and dined at this cool “The Butcher Shop and Grill” in The Walk, JBR in Dubai Marina. We picked the place after reading good reviews of this South African native resto on the net.

We arrived at Butcher’s around 8 0’clock in the evening, tummies were already excreting acids, sign that our hunger is about to loom. The moment we were seated on a corner table in their al fresco, a loaf of tasty bread with butter, beef sausage and other condiments was served.  We then placed our orders and then went back to the bread while entertaining our eyes with the beautiful and luxury cars passing by.

Kuya Yuri’s Fish and Chips arrived along with the starters which kept him from throwing a fit. The Shrimp Scampi is okay but it’s not what we have expected. Good that the garden salad was there and made us forget about the so-so Shrimp Scampi. 🙂

Almost all tables were occupied by hungry guests and while they were busy making their orders, my wife’s Rump and my Half Beef Ribs were served. While I was enjoying my well-done yet tender Ribs, paired with mashed potato, my 7-month beautiful preggy wife was a little unhappy with her rump. Probably because she had it well-done and it has become so dry and tasteless.  It would have taste good perhaps had it been cooked medium-rare, but half-cooked meat is a no no to expecting mothers like her.  At least, the sweet potato on the side made her happy and finished her main course just the same, with the help of some dips not really intended for steaks.

With soda and mint lemonade, we ended our First Family Christmas Dinner with happy tummies. We were so full and that we skipped the dessert; instead we strolled again and had an ice cream from another shop, on that cold and windy night.

Butcher’s Menu

Butcher’s tasty bread and beef sausage – gone in 60 seconds LOL!

Butcher’s Scampi and Garden Salad, dressed with just olive oil, a pinch of rock salt and lemon squeeze – the salad still tasted great.

Butcher’s Half Beef Ribs – well-done and stuffy ribs, tasted great with its sweet-thick sauce, paired with mashed potato and coleslaw. A two thumbs up main course! 🙂

Butcher’s Rump/Top Sirloin – would’ve been good if it was rarely done, but t’was okay then for my preggy wifey. 🙂 Partly seen here is Butcher’s Fish and Chips for Kuya Yuri.

Butcher’s Mint and Lemon – I usually prefer soda or beer for a steak, but mint and lemon was needed for my sore throat that night. 🙂

Butcher’s Al Fresco

@ The Walk, JBR

Bill for two and a half

1 Garden Salad                       Dhs 33.00
1 Scampi                                  Dhs 29.00
1 Fish and Chips                     Dhs 35.00
1 Half Beef Ribs                      Dhs 99.00
1 Rump                                     Dhs 76.00
1 Soda                                       Dhs 11.00
1 Mint Lemonade                   Dhs 22.00
1 Bottled Water                      Dhs 10.00

Total                                         Dhs 315.00

Overall rating of our First Christmas Dinner over at The Butcher Shop and Grill as first time customers is 9 out of 10. The ambience, the staff, the service were good. I would recommend this to friends too. And we’ll go back to this resto, soon.

There goes our superb First Christmas celebration. It is always great to be with your family in this kind of occasion. T’was indeed a Merry Christmas to us!


This is not a sponsored review and this is of author’s own opinion.




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