The Decade Superstar Status Of Pacquiao Is Over

  • manny manuel
    Pic was taken with my BB phone before the fight started. Opted to use just this photo. :)
  • manny manuel on my mac
    Opted to use this pic I took with my BB before the fight started. :)

So What’s Next With Manny Pacquiao?

This is the question that most people are asking now after Manny’s seconds of sleeping on the canvas, during the most awaited match against Manuel Marquez.

While watching the match, when Marquez first knocked down Pacquiao on the earlier rounds, I was like, it was not that hard hitting punch. Pacquiao retaliated and made Marquez knocked down as well.

On the 5th round, it was like nirvana to me. I was about to say, this is it. But everything went off during the sixth round. I was speechless and motionless like Manny Pacquiao on the canvas.

But I was thankful seeing Manny back on its feet with a smile of defeat and acceptance.

It was one hell of a fight. For a decade, Manny Pacquiao has maintained that superstar status as the best boxer of his time but ended when Marquez knocked him out.

Larry Merchant asked Manny with questions we also wanted to do. One of which is will Manny retire after that fight. “That’s boxing,” said Manny, who added he has no plans to retire. “I started to get confident, but I never expected that punch.”

Manny may disappoint his mother Dionesia with that statement, but it is really up to him whether he continue his boxing career or not.

To me, he has nothing to prove because he already did that. So what’s next with Manny now? So many possibilities eh. Fighting with Floyd Mayweather perhaps? LOL!

Opted to use this pic I took with my BB before the fight started. 🙂




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