Burj Khalifa’s Beauty On New Year’s Eve – 2013

  • NYE Khalifa One
    We can hear the sounds of the hovering helicopters waiting for the fireworks to start while around 20 of us squeezing in the balcony shouting the remaining seconds of the countdown.
  • NYE Khalifa Two
    Hurriedly fixed the setting of my camera...
  • NYE Khalifa Three
    ... and finally settled with this setting few more seconds to go before the clock hit 12 midnight sharp.
  • NYE Khalifa Four
  • NYE Khalifa Five
    ...the color turns to red and the previously ring-like display appears like twirling around Khalifa which have added more drama to the presentation...
  • NYE Khalifa Six
    ...all of Downtown Burj Dubai also erupted with purples colored firework display as part of the synchronized presentation which involved Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall Fountain and the Downtown Burj Dubai neighborhood...
  • NYE Khalifa Seven
    ...another set of rings, that made Khalifa's like on a hula hoop... :)
  • NYE Khalifa Eight
    ...this pic made me think of those thousands of people who wrestled the overcrowded path walks and alleys just to have a closer look of Burj Khalifa. :)
  • NYE Khalifa Nine
    ... and I would like to take this chance of thanking our host, a classmate and a good friend Moses David Adaza for having us on his crib (Churchill Tower, Business Bay)
  • NYE Khalifa Ten
    ... and the so called Tsing Tao Breezer Group for the uber-fun NYE 2013 party :)
  • Morning After One
    ...one great morning, 1st of January 2013. This is after the food, the booze, the singing, the dancing, the fun and the laughter. :)
  • Morning After Two
    ... I hardly see any movement in Business Bay area, seems like everybody's zzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiii-iiiiing still on their beds... :)
  • Morning After Three
    ...with this, Burj Khalifa's like a cold gun barrel after firing several rounds of ammo... :)
  • Paksiw One
    ... the so called finishers of the group, we stayed until we reached 24 hours lol
  • The Host
    ...with the host
  • Dawn Khalifa One
    ... and the sun is setting in this one. Best photography light, is natural light, sun. Khalifa turns gold...
  • Sunset Khalifa Seven
    ... took another snap from the same spot of my morning shot..
  • Sunset Khalifa Eight
    ... the streets now turn into a melted-like gold...
  • Sunset Khalifa Six
    ...or a lava near to a river (partly seen here is the tip of Dubai Creek.
  • Sunset Khalifa Four
    ...Burj Khalifa in here, signifies the firm and strong bond of us as a couple...
  • Sunset Khalifa Five
    ... that gives us this special treasure, our son Ilori...


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