Chinese & Thai Cuisine On A Cold Friday Evening

  • ROCollage
    The facade of Royal Orchid, diagonally opposite to Wafi Gourmet.
  • Kropek
    Kuyas fave, Kropek!
  • GoldenPrawn
    This was paired perfectly with full blended sauce with exotic Thai herbs. (Not in the picture)
  • Dubai-20130104-02332
    Tom Yummy.... :)
  • DuckLychee
    Rich and thick curry for my duck is perfect.
  • TenderloinFungus
    Tenderloin covered with thick, heavy sauce with fungus.

Royal Orchid In Dubai Festival City

The awesome water and light presentation in Dubai Festival City is what we went there to see.  This is the newest addition to DFC’s attractions which can be seen every night as advertised Dubai-wide. My wife and I thought this will at least match the grand dancing fountain at Dubai Mall. But as an honest feedback, we were not entertained by the simple fountain which was paired with loud modern pop music and coloured lights.  It was actually a light and fountain show with simple synchronization and nothing more. Hope they’ll find a replacement of it soon.

Being dissatisfied, we then proceeded for dinner at a Chinese/Thai resto called Royal Orchid, located at the DFC Mall’s Marina Pavillion.

The ambiance is okay with contemporary jazz music being played on a mid-volume, which gave us a calm feeling after watching the mediocre fountain and light presentation.

The facade of Royal Orchid, diagonally opposite to Wafi Gourmet.

We occupied a table situated near their busy kitchen and cash counters hoping to get some warm temperature as we started to feel the cold breeze from the resto’s al fresco. We opted to dine-in to keep my 8 months preggy wife and our 3-year old son from the sweet smells but un-healthy smokes of Shisha.

While placing our orders, a steamer basket full of spicy crispy prawn crackers was served. “Wow, kropek!” Exclaimed Kuya Yuri. (Kropek – Filipino term for this kind of prawn crackers, which happens to be my son’s favorite).

Kuya’s fave, Kropek consumed all by himself. 🙁

For starter, we ordered Golden Prawns Tossed with Sesame and Peppers.  Since the weather was cold, soup is a must.  My favorite among Thai cuisines (second to Chicken Satay), is the Chef Recommended Tom Yum Soup with Prawns; so I had it listed down by the order taker. For the main course, instead of having the traditional peking duck which I usually order from other restos, the Chef Recommended Duck with Lychees in Thai Red Curry for me, and Tenderloin with Black Fungus for my wife. Our kuya wasn’t that hungry anymore after having the kropek and we were quite sure that the golden prawns (another of his favorites) we ordered will fill him up, so we did not order a separate one for him anymore. 🙂

This was paired perfectly with full blended sauce with exotic Thai herbs. (Not in the picture)

Minutes later, the half-full resto when we came in, was full of hungry guests.  Perhaps they were like us, dissatisfied and disappointed with DFC’s light & water show. Kidding! 🙂

We savoured ever so slowly every scoop of the authentic taste of the hot Tom Yum soup with Prawns and relished its great taste from the mixed ingredients of lemon grass, which remained in our taste buds.  The spicy soup made me forget a bit the oily, heavy, and fatty foods we had during Christmas and New Year’s eve. Last night was sort of a detoxification. LOL!

Tom Yummy…. 🙂

We go now to our main course.  One of the advantages perhaps, if you sit next to the kitchen and the cashier is that your orders are served fast. They were like anticipating that we would anytime follow up our orders. 🙂

T’was my first time to have a dish with sweet lychee, combined with creamy curry, the tender duck meat and a little bit of spicy taste that made it all great.

Rich and thick curry for my duck is perfect.

My wife’s Tenderloin with Black Fungus was nicely done as well. T’was a main course that will make you order for more Steamed Jasmine Rice. Good that wifey’s been advised by the dietician recently to control her appetite especially the rice intake and other sugar-rich foods.

Tenderloin covered with thick, heavy sauce with fungus.

Bill For Two

1 Golden Prawns Tossed with Sesame and Pepper               Dhs 26
1 Tom Yum with Prawns                                                            Dhs 38
1 Duck with Lychees in Thai Red Curry                                   Dhs 58
1 Tenderloin with Black Fungus                                                Dhs 36
1 Steamed Jasmine Rice                                                             Dhs 18
1 Lemon Iced Tea                                                                         Dhs 18
1 Soda                                                                                             Dhs 14

Total                                                                                               Dhs 208/-

We were both satisfied with the food, the price, the service and the staff were good too. I’d recommend this resto to friends and will visit again soon. And I will be having their Chicken Satay then. Overall rating is 8 out of 10.






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  1. Wow that’s so yummy! 🙂 I love having dinner/ lunch with the whole family! 🙂 I love the excited glee and comment of your son when he saw KROPEK! 🙂

  2. tom yum!!! but im actually craving for padthai when i read the title of this post hehehe 😀

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