Effective Anti-smoking Ad Campaign

See If This Won’t Affect You

This video from Thai Health Promotion Foundation is among those few videos that I like and worth sharing on FB. Just an hour ago, after reaching our apartment from work and opened my laptop, I saw this video shared by a friend. With all those so many videos and links being shared by everyone on FB, I don’t know what triggered me to click on this one. I usually shun shared videos and links without catchy description or recommendation from the poster but what I did was just random.

After seeing the video title “Smoking Kid”, I said to myself, mmm, another crap video and my mind brought me back to that viral news of an Indonesian baby who smokes 40 sticks a day. But I was wrong.

In my mind, I said “wow”. This was brilliantly made. I don’t know how the creative mind/s are calling its approach but to me, this some kind of a reverse psychology thing is going to be very effective. I was once a smoker and I was struck watching it. I am proud to say though, that I have quit smoking before I finished college, more than a decade ago. To all smokers, hope this will make you do so. 🙂

This is the kind of project that needs our support. How? I know I am not the only one making a write-up and sharing this video. You too can help spread this great and effective Anti-smoking Ad Campaign by doing the same. Click share now.




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  1. am an anti-smoke advocate too (well in my own way at least hehe)… good vid indeed filman! actually i totally favor the sin tax imposed on alcohol and cigarettes… kinda discouraging a lot already hehehe 😀

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