My Crispy P*rk Belly

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    My golden brown, crispylicious pork belly ready to be munched. :)

Lechon Kawali As We Call It – My DIY

If one whole roasted pig (lechon) is too big for you, then Lechon Kawali is there to satisfy your pork cravings.

The Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, all the sumptuous foods are over, still I am longing for that crispy and tasty porky food. To answer it? Here’s this Crispy Pork Belly or the lechon kawali. A very easy thing to do here with only few ingredients needed.

You can do this actually right in your kitchen now if you want to have a happy tummy. 🙂 You can find so many ways on how to prepare this delicious dish on the net but this is my own way of doing it.


2 kgs Pork Belly
2 tablespoons of Salt
1 liter of Cooking Oil
Blackpepper (to taste)

and….. no more other ingredients. LOL!

Wash thoroughly (the freshly cut or the frozen pork belly), you may slice he skin portion of the belly to slice it easily once cooked, sprinkle and spread the salt and pepper on it and ready to fry.

First, pre-heat medium size cooking pot…
Second, pour all the 1 liter cooking oil to the pre-heated cooking pot…
Third, put the seasoned pork belly to the hot cooking oil (it would be best if the belly is deep fried so add cooking oil if you can still see a portion of the belly without oil), just maintain the medium flame, flip the belly over until it becomes golden brown.
Fourth, this step actually is eating time. 🙂

You may use this sweet tasty sauce called Mang Tomas or a ketchup, or just a soy sauce and vinegar combo or the now popular vinegar sauce called “Pinakurat”. Go pick your pork belly now and do the Crispy Pork Belly.

My golden brown, crispylicious pork belly ready to be munched. 🙂




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