The Year That Was

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    L-R: Nanay Cel w/ baby bump, Ilori and Tatay Fil

The year 2012 means a lot to me (and to my hubby too).  I call it the year of realization of dreams and was the toughest year so far in our married life.

It is the year when our desire to bring our son Ilori here in Dubai was realized.  It is the year when our desire to have another baby was realized (she’s running 8 months in my tummy now).  It is the year when a fervent prayer of mine (career-wise) was denied, only to realize in the last quarter of the year (after going through lots of disappointments and sacrifices), that it was all because I would be given something better – something over and above my expectation; my dream job, so to speak.

Truly life is full of surprises! 🙂

We (I and Fil) are glad that we were able to withstand all the tests of 2012, which only add sweetness to the now savoured achievements and fuel our hopes for a better life with our growing family in this foreign land.  We are happy that in 2012, we have found new “friends” in already familiar faces – the Sillimanians in UAE, whom we don’t consider as mere friends now but family.

Last night, we bid adieu to the year that was, but never to the memories made, the lessons learned, and the blessings cherished.

God is gracious.  God be praised.

(Previously posted on Facebook on 1st January 2013)

L-R: Nanay Cel w/ baby bump, Ilori and Tatay Fil



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  1. Mommy Maye says:

    You truly have a blessed year. Wishing you and your family another blessed new year!

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