Add Media Plugin Bug Is Now Fixed With WordPress 3.5.1

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4 Responses

  1. Joel says:

    Nope…not fixed.
    I have a fresh install of 3.5.1 and the Twentyleven theme.
    Only a few plugins…all via WP.
    When I create a post, the upload media does NOT work. i cannot upload a pic without it being completely changed, cropped generally mangled. .png’s are being cropped and show up with w black/gray background.

    Sorry, but what ever is working for you is definitely NOT a general fix for this issue.

  2. Sad to hear that Joel. I hope these fixes I have now are not just by luck. 🙂 Anyway, have you tried doing the WP troubleshooting tips? Check it here

    Hope your WP add media plugin will be okay.

  3. Susan says:

    I tried reinstalling 3.5.1 and it did not fix the problem for the PageLines theme. I can use the add media button with Twenty Twelve, but my widgets are all messed up when I change to the default WP and I can’t make any changes to the widgets.

  4. Hi Susan! I hope you have tried the WP tips from here too.

    Actually, I was just too concern on the “add media” plugin that is why I didn’t notice these different bugs. I hope, they’ll find solutions to all these. 🙁

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