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Midnight Burger

I was literally drooling while watching again, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations series on YouTube. This time, I watched his Layover episode in Seattle, Washington. With so many interviews, featured restaurants, and famous places in Seattle, No Reservations’ production of the episode was full of like a multi-monitor-display to at least show a little portion of the so many footages taken by the crew all across Seattle.

Feeling envious of those mouthwatering provisions munched by Mr. Bourdain, I thought of filling my not-so-hungry stomach with anything I could prepare from my kitchen. I know, KFC and other famous fast food restaurants are like awful food to Mr. Bourdain, but it just so happen I still have buns left from the bucket we’ve ordered yesterday.

Sadly though, these KFC buns are the leftovers that would usually go to waste as they tend to become stale easily. But I managed to prepare something out of it, of course with other ingredients available in my ref.

And this what I call, Freestyle Yummy Bacon Burger.


2 Burger Buns (good if you have leftover buns to avoid unnecessary waste)
Smoked Bacon (8 strips)
Cream Cheese
1/2 Red Sweet Bell Pepper (Capsicum)
2 eggs
Cooking Oil
Salt (to taste)

Simple & Fast Preparation:

On the heated skillet, fry the bacon and the egg. You may have the salt sprinkled-egg well done but I prefer to have it half cooked for a messy-like munching moment. After the bacon and egg, just quickly stir fry the sliced red sweet bell pepper on that same heated skillet.

Bacon Burger One

Take a spoonful of cream cheese and spread it on the sliced and reheated buns. Fill the buns with the crisp-fried bacon, top it with bell pepper and egg, and boom! Ready to have that satisfying taste of my so called Freestyle Yummy Bacon Burger.

Bacon Burger two

So after preparing my Freestyle Yummy Bacon Burger, I went back to YouTube to the part that I have paused where Mr. Bourdain’s already at the airport, the closing of the episode. I remember seeing that yummy grilled fish at Ivar’s Fish Bar but I didn’t bother how the episode really ended. I was busy, along with my wife, munching the hot and creamy, freestyle yummy bacon burger.

I loved how it taste with the dripping salty egg yolk with the sweet crispy flavor of bell pepper and the smokey yummy taste of bacon.

Whew! Awesomeness. 🙂

Thanks Mr. Bourdain. Because of him, I am now changing my middle name as well to “Fat”. LOL! This is what Bourdain have mentioned in his episode in Harbin, China. 🙂





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