Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect 1, Shot & Killed

  • CNN Boston Bombings Suspects
  • CNN Boston Marathon Bombing one

2nd Suspect Is Still On The Loose

After four days of the tragic series of bombings during the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts which shocked the entire world, finally police authorities are now in close encounters of the believed to be suspects. In fact, based on the reports from CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and other leading cable news channels, the first suspect has been killed during the chase while authorities are still continuing for the search and arrest of the second suspect considered at large somewhere in Watertown, Massachusetts.

One of the crime analysts of CNN described the suspects as not trained terrorists. So many factors to consider if one is a trained terrorist, the analyst said. One is, terrorist usually can’t be seen after making a crime for a particular area, two is that they’ll claim the responsibility and telling from what organization or outside government they are linked to etc etc. But these and other factors were there.

US authorities especially FBI didn’t make any revelations yet, as to who these people are, where they come from and why they did such crime. For sure they now have enough informations about these suspects but just kept it on hold and instead, only pictures were disseminated to the public for them to identify.

For sure, a day or two, and when the 2nd suspect will hopefully be arrested alive, all these questions we have in mind will be given answers. So many people from around the world waiting and feeling hungry to know each and every single detail there is that is related to the Boston Marathon Bombings that has happened four days past.

It is also sad to note, that one Massachusetts Institute of Technology Officer has been killed during the chase hours ago. To the family of the killed officer, our prayers are with you. His service to the community will surely be remembered.

Here are some snaps I’ve taken from CNN. Teams are everywhere in Massachusetts without minding what time it is, just to bring us the latest of what’s happening.

CNN Boston Bombings Suspects

These are the two Boston Marathon Bombing suspects. The one wearing a black cap has been killed and the one wearing a white cap is still on the loose, as of press time.

CNN Boston Marathon Bombing one

This was during a quick press conference after one of the suspects was killed. All of Watertown are on high alert, and communities were advised not to go out from their respective houses because the other suspects might be somewhere near to their homes.




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