Earthquake In Iran Again, Now It’s 7.8 Magnitude

  • 7.8 M Earthquake
  • 7.8 epicenter in Iran

Iran Must Stop Nuclear Facility, Now

It was quick but a bit strong tremor that made all of us in the office alarmed. For my 6 years in Dubai, it was my first time to feel such tremor in the workplace. The quake in Iran last week was felt by many in the high rise buildings of Dubai Marina but not in our office which is just a 3 stories high. But today’s quake was different and swayed our building.

NDTV was able to break the news and I learned from them that it was a 7.8 magnitude quake with epicenter somewhere between Iran and Pakistan border. But minutes later, I have checked the exact location which is 86km E of Khash, Iran. I got this info from the reliable Google Public Alert. A good feature of Google Search wherein a detailed and exact information for a particular calamity is available to the browsing public.

7.8 M Earthquake

What I have mentioned in my previous post, indeed happened, just days from that 6.3 magnitude quake in Busher, Province of Iran. It was so stubborn for them to tell the public that they don’t have plans of stopping its nuclear program amidst dangerous threats brought by natural calamities especially that their country is 90% crossed by several major fault lines.

It was recorded that the June 20, 1990 quake which claimed at least 40,000 people and the December 26, 2003 quake which claimed at least 30,000 people were the most disastrous earthquake so far in the history of Iran for the past 2 centuries.

Iran seems to have forgotten these facts.

GCC countries (nearest countries to Iran’s nuke facility which is just across Arabian Gulf) have already made an appeal to IAEA to inspect Iran’s nuclear facility and to check whether there are leaks or none after the nature’s wrath last week which left 30 people being killed. UN and other organizations of countries should make a strong stance in making Iran understand that their nuclear program must be stopped at once.

If in case, Iran will remain with its irrational stand to continue its nuke program, then that would basically tantamount to a war. Not a war with other nations, but a war within. Killing their own people when radiation strikes if and when, another strong earthquake will happen again, and damage its nuke facility.

7.8 epicenter in Iran





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