Eraserheads Reunion Concert In Dubai, A Success

  • Eraserheads' Super Sound
  • Gold Ticket
  • The Big Pinoy Crowd

Butterflies In My Stomach

T’was really a fortunate day for me. Seldom for a Thursday at work to leave as early as 4 in the afternoon. The OT I’ve rendered for the past days were just so timely that I was able to offset some time off for the momentous event in my life as an Eraserheads die-hard fan. I am so happy that with a group of friends, I was able to watch the Eraserheads Reunion Concert – Du World Music Festival at Dubai Media City’s amphitheater.

Around 7 in the evening, I started to prepare myself, you know, things like putting on something black to make yourself look like a real rock concert goer. A not so skinny black jeans, matched with a black Chuck and intentionally had this thin black comfy hoodie for the purpose which I will be telling you later.

At 7:30, I was off to DMC, via Dubai’s modern metro. But before leaving the apartment, I couldn’t help but tell my wife that I feel sick and would like to throw up and literally I felt like I would defecate because of excitement. As what I have mentioned in the earlier post, I only saw them performed live back when I was still in college. That was 1999. Wow! It’s been more than a decade already!

The front-act just ended when I arrived at the venue and I was so stunned to see the big Filipino crowd. With the good security implementation by the organizers, the very long queue was immediately through and all of the remaining concert goers were all inside before the E’heads appeared on stage and then I heard everybody’s screaming out loud. Yes,  I was among them, screaming out loud that I now have my voice husky -12 hours have passed after the concert.

The Big Pinoy Crowd

A bit lesser number of crowd to what I have estimated in my previous post, but I think, it was close to 10,000 UAE Filipino Expats or more, attended the Eraserheads Reunion In Dubai.

Technology’s Pros & Cons

I wanted to have their song list written but got no time to do it. Reason why I couldn’t give you the title of the first song they sang which was a big bang! The band took a number of hits from their first released album Ultraelectromagneticpop down to their last album released before their break-up along with some unreleased singles. There was never a dull moment since E’heads started singing.

The 2 drafts I’ve gulped helped me energize and take away all those crazy butterflies in my stomach especially when I started to act like I was in college. I was not just moving like  Jagger that night nor like Psy but I was like doing more than of a Harlem Shake that I jumped the longest jump I ever did in my entire life for the past decade.

Together with my friends, we were like doing some mosh pitting to at least feel the real vibes that everybody must have in a rock concert like that of the E’heads.

Though the crowd have gone wild, I could still see the comparison back in the days where only the so-called obsolete “beepers” are considered gadgets. Now, because of the fast and ever-changing technologies, during the concert, never a single person doesn’t have gadgets in their hands (an understatement). Smartphones and tablets can be clearly seen everywhere in the venue, raised and captured the moments of the momentous concert.

I would say, the fun could’ve been felt more intense without those technologies and had ourselves feel the music and let loose. Everybody’s screaming and singing but not everybody’s jumping. 🙁 But I didn’t care; I was there, like being showered with rain, that I can feel my sweat dripping from my head down to my body. Hahahaha and that simply means, I was really enjoying. How much more perhaps, if that same concert happened in Pinas, where booze and ***** are easily available, I think! LOL to that!

Anyway, I was thankful for my hoodie because I was able to contain and cover my dripping head and avoid sprinkling my sweat onto other kabayans faces while I was head banging.

Eraserheads' Super Sound

As my shirt print goes, Superb Sound or let us say, Superb Filipino Music was in Dubai.

Two Thumbs & Eight Fingers Up

Ely (lead singer of Eraserheads and his other band Pupil), who lost so much weight, performed well, considering his health condition. Buddy (base player playing with Jett Pangan’s The Dawn) is like the same old Buddy I’ve seen before with his best base plunking. Markus (member of his so many own bands like Markus Highway) ripping his guitar, and Raymund (E’heads drums and lead singer of his own band Sandwich) hits the drums rhythmically.

The four fab successfully liven up the lives of their die hard loyal OFW fans in Dubai (that includes me). After saying goodbye, the people stood still and asked for more songs. Minutes later, they were back on the stage and finally finished the concert with their three great songs as the encore.

To rate the concert? Out of 10 and ten as the highest, I’d give the concert 20 for its Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious overall performance.

Congrats E’heads! Hope to see you again soon guys not on a reunion concert but as a newly re-formed Eraserheads band.


Gold Ticket

Thank you once again guys! From L- R: Ely Buendia (Lead Vocals), Raymund Marasigan (Drums), Markus Adoro (Lead Guitar) and Buddy Zabala (Base).
Thanks as well to Sundance Events, Samsung and to Du through their World Music Festival.





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