Eraserheads Reunion Concert In Dubai – Du World Music Festival

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A Dream Come True

I have only watched Eraserheads live concert back when I was still in college. That was in September 15, 1999 to be exact, when the Department of Tourism sponsored a series of nationwide concerts and Dumaguete City was one of the venues. It was dubbed as “Tukar Tukar Ambak Ambak Sayaw Sayaw Sa Dumaguete” held in Silliman University Ballfield. E’heads was one of the lined-up top Filipino band performers in front of thousands of audience.

It was like, I was in cloud 9 and same goes to all E’heads fans who were there. To see your most favorite Filipino rock band from just meters away is truly gratifying. They disbanded a few years after that concert and so I thought that concert was my first and last time to see and hear them perform.

Millions of their loyal fans were saddened and couldn’t believe the news out right. The break-up was unexpected with no real reason given from the four band members even until now.

It was the E’heads that re-revolutionized the Filipino rock scene in the 90s. It was because of them why a larger number of bands were formed and came out to the open trying to emulate what their inspiration had successfully contributed to the world of Original Pilipino Music (OPM).

“Ang Huling El Bimbo” and “Pare Ko” are just two of their songs that are now considered Classics, being inked in the hearts of many Filipinos, especially from my generation. One of the primeval¬†factors is because of the writing ability of the band (led by Ely). Almost all of their songs ¬†depict the realities of life among Filipino youths.



The Reunion Series

Two years ago, they made their first reunion concert, which was cut-short due to Ely’s ailing heart condition. Continued and made a second reunion concert the following year, which turned out to be a huge success.

And I was like, why the h*ll are their reunions not fall in time when I am on vacation in my beloved country the Philippines? Flying to the capital Manila from my province I think wouldn’t be difficult at all. LOL!

But my dream to see the complete band once again, will soon be realized few hours from now. Du, the second telecommunications giant in the UAE is bringing my favorite band, through its Du World Music Festival which will be held in Dubai Media City’s amphitheater, Thursday, 4th of April.

With tickets ranging from 125, 250 and 395 Dhs, I think, 10% (or more) of the total Filipino population in the UAE (which is around 650,000) will pack the DMC’s amphitheater.

Rak en Rol!




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