Looking Good While Doing Good

Or Make That, Looking Great While Doing Great!

When was the last time you’ve heartily extended some help to any of the charity organizations near you? Were you that hesitant to take a little amount of your salary to help someone in hunger? Have you once thought of those people who don’t have enough access to potable water?

If so, this is the best time for you to leave all those questions behind. Here’s why and how.

1:Face Watch, which started in Chicago, Illinois, USA, has this initiative of creating a movement that supports a number of charity organizations, by making a trendy wrist watch in 6 different colors. Each color represents an organization or charity that will be benefited for every watch sold.

Now, if you are living here in the UAE, within GCC, Lebanon, Egypt or Jordan, and is willing to be part of this consequential initiative, I would say, do it now. For the first time, this watch is available here in the region. Grab it while you still can! Desado.com is offering these watches for us to contribute to the community aside from owning a stylish watch.

Desado is Middle East’s pioneer online destination for quality and designer items. Visiting  its super cool and super user-friendly website, you can tell how desado has evolved in the online industry. An online store that is so easy to navigate with functionalities that will surely make a fast and smooth online shopping for everyone.

The following 1:Face Watch images will guide you as to which organization you want to support by its color.


5 Watches = 1 month of treatment
Charity: Keep A Child Alive
What: A movement that inspires action against the Global AIDS epidemic.
Why: To provide urgently needed treatment and care for people living with HIV/AIDS.


14 Watches = 1 mammogram
Charity: American Cancer Society.
What: An organization that is committed to treatment of breast cancer by awareness & detection in women..
Why: To detect breast cancer in the early stages.


3 Watches = 1 charcoal stove
Charity: The Adventure Project.
What: Protecting the direct environment of people & reducing carbon from entering the atmosphere by providing charcoal-efficient stoves.
Why: To provide people with a safer living condition while preserving the environment.


1 Watch = food for 16 children
Charity: One Days Wages
What: A movement helping people lift themselves out of poverty.
Why: To alleviate hunger and eradicate poverty around the World.


625 watches = 1 well in Rwanda
Charity: Charity Water
What: A non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.
Why: To provide clean drinking water to the 800 million people who do not have this basic resource.


1 Watch = support for 8 cancer patients
Charity: American Cancer Society
What: An organization that helps spread cancer awareness by providing programs, treatment and research.
Why: To help find a cure for the world’s most lethal disease.


See the following pic for the 1:Face Watch details

watch details

with materials and parts that could make the watch grow old with you.

1:Face’s social media will be seen by everybody once all the help to the above charities and organizations are accomplished. By then, “you will see people getting fed, wells being built, AIDS being fought, and research being done. In essence, the public will see the change that their money is creating.”

For just Dhs 139/-, you are LOOKING GOOD while DOING GOOD!






This is not a sponsored review and this is of author’s own opinion.




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