Series Of Explosions During Marathon In Boston

  • boston explosions

Goosebumps While Looking At Vids And Pix Of The Boston Explosions

A not funny incident rocked Boston, Massachusetts especially the participants and spectators of the Boston Marathon. Graphic videos and pictures are all over the internet several minutes after the incident.

All of the news channels cut off their programs and started broadcasting live directly from the affected area of Boston. Medics are everywhere, and you could see injured people still lying on the ground and some are assisted on a wheelchair covered in blood.

Here’s one of the videos in the net, please click the link to open another window.

Have tried accessing a friend’s Facebook wall to check any updates from her and her family. This is what she posted: “N.Korea dropped bombs in Boston Marathon!”. I was not quite sure what she meant by that but t’was a relief hearing from her by that comment on her FB wall. If you know what I mean.

Have checked my twitter and then my laptop lagged. Loads of tweets popped in milli-seconds if you typed “Boston” in search space. But there’s a good development that I’ve read, it was about police officers who are now guarding a suspect of the tragic incident.

boston explosions

As of Tuesday 12:43 am Dubai time, 2 people were killed and 20+ were injured. Can’t see any initial findings, causes or motives of this atrocity from the different reports. Hoping to hear great development by tomorrow.

Our prayers to all the people of Boston especially to the victims and families.




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