What’s Next After The Capture Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects: Killed & Arrested

In the news, you could see people, especially in the Watertown area, in celebration after learning the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The 2nd and last suspect, as authorities said, of the Boston Marathon Bombing 6 days past. A relief that everybody’s waiting for.

But personally, I don’t think the capture of Dzhokhar will be the end of this. I don’t believe that the terror was done with their own initiative. There must be someone or some group inside or outside the US that has influence and directive of this two Tsarnaevs.

For sure, the media will have a long trail of this case so as the government authorities to really dig deep and know what’s behind the Tsarnaevs’ terroristic activity.

I think, Dzhokhar’s tweets that surfaced have some important messages that FBI has to decipher. During the chase, reports said that Dzhokhar has a laptop with him. Perhaps the suspect was documenting the entire event in purpose. After the capture was announced, no mention yet of any belongings recovered from the terror suspect being made. I hope the media will not forget all these factors which I think could help connect or reveal the real motive of the terror attack and who’s behind it.

While browsing twitter, I found so many interesting tweets from an account believed to be of ¬†Dzhokhar’s. The account name spelling though is different but basically the exact pronunciation of his Russian spelled name. Twitter account: Jahar @J_tsar

jahar tweets

Below are the most recent tweets done after the bombing and before he was captured.

recent tweets of jahar

Conspiracy & Frame-Up

Some believed, especially the parents of the two suspects that what happened was just a frame-up. Reports said, normal for a Chechen national to give such comments as most Chechens were always victimized by Russians (under Vladimir Putin’s command) staged and orchestrated bombings and so on which was the usual cause of them being attacked and harassed as the Muslim minorities in that side of the region.

I remember one CCN guest analyst, while the Watertown chase was still ongoing, raised the question why President Barack Obama flew in to Boston days after the Boston Marathon Bombing without then knowing who the suspects were, the motives etc. It was very risky to consider but still, the security staff of the US president allowed him to be there in Boston.

For sure, there will be conspiracy theories to unfold that will divide the public’s views on what the real motive is and who’s behind all these.

Kudos To All

For now, it is imperative to give all the credits and it should first go to the police officers who risked their lives to capture Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. It was so unfortunate though, that an MIT officer was killed during the chase which raised the count of casualties to 4 including the ones killed during the marathon. To the concerned US citizens as well who were so courageous enough to show themselves and come out in the open with their random images that in a way, helped authorities identify the two suspects.

My prayer continues for the families of the Boston Marathon Bombing that they will be given enough strength to overcome all the anguish they have right now and that they will continue to live a normal life, once again.


Image Credit: Associated Press





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