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Creamy, Saucy, And A Little Crispy

It’s been a while since my last post of DIY cooking. For the past weeks, we’ve been eating easy to cook meals in order to save time especially when we are already exhausted from work, traffic, and all.

So here I am once again, with a dish prepared to suit the preference of our 3-year-old son who is a picky eater.  He usually prefers creamy or soupy kind of dish that is easy to swallow.  Otherwise, it would take 3 hours for him to finish one meal.  Whenever we have dry or just plain fried foods, he would ask for his favorite chocolate milk drink Chocolait or Chuckie, other times fruit juice, to aid his swallowing. 🙂

Hoping to avoid any struggle in feeding him, I thought of having a Filipino style soft and tender Beef Steak In Oyster Sauce with a little twist. Usually, my compatriots back home would only use sweet white onion as garnish, but this time, I’ll add to it some snow peas for a change and to give it some crunch.


1/2 kg of thin-sliced Beef Topside
Oyster Sauce (to taste)
1 bunch of snow peas
1 head or about 5 cloves of garlic
1/2 sweet white onion, ringed
Salt (to taste)
Olive oil
Soy sauce
Ground black pepper
Meat tenderizer


While preheating the skillet, put the thin sliced beef topside in a large bowl, sprinkle it with meat tenderizer with the amount you think is enough to make the meat real tender, soy sauce, salt, olive oil, ground black pepper and mix well. Cut both ends of the snow peas and set aside.

Put a little olive oil into the preheated skillet then put the bowl of seasoned meat. Set your cooker into medium heat. Cover and let it simmer for several minutes.  Remember to keep it covered to contain the heat for a fast and evenly cooked meat.

After a few minutes of letting it simmer, test the tenderness of the meat.  If needed, try to add a little water and a little bit more of those seasoning. Let it continue to simmer until you get that creamy sauce and right tenderness. Lower the heat, spread all the snow peas, the ringed sweet white onions, and pour oyster sauce on it. Put back the cover and after 3-5 minutes, your creamy, saucy, and crispy Filipino style Beef Steak in Oyster Sauce is ready to serve.

beef steak

It can actually serve 5 hungry people, but my wife, my son and I, almost finished it all. I was glad too that my son liked it, although he politely begged not to eat “that green thingy”, for now. LOL!





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