Breakfast & Dinner In One At IHOP Dubai

A Mother’s Day Dine Out

IHOP @ Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, was launched several months ago but it was only last weekend when we got to taste this American restaurant. This was after my wife happened to see one tempting pic of their omelette in a photo contest on FB aside from friends’ great feedback of the restaurant.

Since Sunday is the first day of work here in UAE, we decided to celebrate HER day on Saturday.

As IHOP Dubai first timers, we liked the place right away. Roomy, seats and tables are comfortably arranged that you won’t have any difficulty in moving or standing after finishing a full meal considering that we have 2 strollers with us. The space in between is wide enough. 🙂

Since this famous US resto, formerly known as International House of Pancakes, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time of the day, my wife ordered the mouthwatering Bacon Temptation omelette she saw on FB. My son then pointed at the Combo Waffle on the menu after seeing his favorite sausage and sunny side up that come along with it, while I ordered a dinner meal Steak Tips with Mashed Potato, Corn and French Toast.

15 to 20 minutes later, everything we ordered for were served. The service was fairly fast and the staff were friendly and accommodating.

Pancake Omelette

Bacon Temptation Omelette

Waffle Ihop

Combo Waffle

Steak Tips

Steak Tips

While we were all munching our food, my wife and even our 3-year-old son agreed with me when I said, “the food is great”. My steak tips, my wife’s omelette and my son’s waffle are somewhat easy to prepare at home, modesty aside coming from someone who’s not a chef nor a cook, but someone who loves to cook and to eat like me.  However, to get that same taste and that way of cooking, (sigh) to me, are difficult to match. LOL!

Dubai branch is the very first branch outside the US which is now an addition to its 1,500+ branches across the Americas. Another branch that opened recently is in the Philippines. The company is aiming to open and expand more branches in different countries in the next 3 years, something which I also think worth waiting for.

IHOP is one of those restaurants that captures every taste buds of hungry and always looking for good food kind of eaters, that includes us.

Family Ihop

My son finished his tasty waffle, egg and sausages with a fresh Jr. orange juice while I finished mine with cold bottomless soda, which I usually do when having a beef. But my wife, just to make the most of her special day, she added a hot coffee before finishing her iced tea. She thought that having only iced tea won’t give her that total satisfaction of her bacon temptation and pancakes.

Bevs Ihop

Our 3-month-old daughter by the way, never complained, was never cranky and let us relished all our meals, peacefully! LOL! Truly a great mother’s day treat to Nanay Celeste. Another indication for us to consider coming back to the place.

Iced Tea Ihop

Would I refer IHOP Dubai to friends? Big YES! To rate IHOP, 1 to 10, I’ll give them 8.

Bill For Two And A Half

1 Combo Waffle               42.00
1 Bacon Temptation         48.00
1 Steak Tips                      69.00
1 Jr Orange Juice             10.00
1 Soda                              14.00
1 Iced Tea                         14.00
1 Coffee                            14.00

Total                         Dhs 211.00

And the celebration continued the next day, Mother’s Day itself. 🙂




This is not a sponsored review and this is of author’s own opinion.




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