A Taste Of Chicago In Dubai – Uno Chicago Grill

Uno @ Deira City Centre


Thursday night, end of the month, pay day. We all know what to expect in going to restaurants during these times. Fortunately enough, we saw Uno Chicago Grill in Deira City Centre with numbers of vacant tables awaiting us. Was it perhaps, coz t’was already late when we arrived or perhaps people had their dinner early and were already watching their favorite movies in the Cinemas nearby?

Anyway, to avoid waking our 3-month-old lovely little girl up, we settled in a corner table inside UNO instead of having a table outside. Inside UNO was dimly lit which gave us a more comfortable feeling and secure our dinner, free from our little one’s unpredictable night cries.

The upbeat but low volume reggae music being played, pumped us to order right after we were seated. I saw their “deep dish pizza” on the menu, which they claimed to be invented by them, but I was not tempted to have it. Our starter was Side Buffalo Shrimp, chicken and fish with fries, cheese sticks, onion rings and 3 choices of sauce. A starter which basically served as main course to our picky eater 3-year-old son Kuya Yuri. Fried and coated shrimp has been his favorite with just fries. I ordered Grilled Seafood Trio (shrimp, fish dory and salmon) with rice pilaf and veggies. My wife ordered Top Sirloin Steak with mashed potato, veggies and pepper sauce.

While waiting for our orders, I noticed UNO’s presentation of Chicago’s mixed culture. On my left was a life-size poster of Michael Jordan in his superstar years with Chicago Bulls which at the same time represents the black community in that state. The reggae music represents the Jamaican community, while deep dish pizza and pastas on the menu represent the Italian community. These are just three of the several communities in Chicago.

All these, I have learned from Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations Layover episode in Chicago. Truly, the resto is a representation of what Chicago really is all about. You can tell it by their food, music, and all. But despite this mix culture, Chicago maintains its popularity as a city that has the friendliest neighborhood in the entire US.

The same friendliness we experienced last night as UNO Chicago Grill staff were very friendly and accommodating too. 🙂

Minutes later, our crispy and tasty starter came. Then our main courses came 15 minutes after.


Included in this starter are cheese sticks. Which we munched quickly and relished the crispiness of the hodgepodge.


My wife’s steak. Aside from the mashed, that long stick bread was tender which made my wife say “funbloodytastic steak”. LOL!


But actually, this pepper sauce was “one of the reasons”, she said.


My seafood trio. One of the few seafood meals I had when dining out with family. I usually order for steak but I don’t know what triggered me to go for seafood this time. The salmon though was a little dry but t’was all worth it.

Uno Grill Collage

Our baby woke up soon before my wife’s last spoonful, which was great. 🙂 Then both my son and my wife finished their meals with orange and mango drinks, with eyes closed. LOL. While I finished mine with soda; sipping it, while holding my phone to take this pic. 🙂

Well, the rest of us were happy. Tummies were full, with enough energy for Kuya Yuri’s kiddie rides night at Magic Planet, in Deira City Centre which followed after UNO.

UNO Chicago Grill at Deira City Centre, is I think, worth a 7 out of 10.

Bill For Two And A Half

1 Soda                                 15.00
1 Kids O/J                           12.00
1 Frozen Mango Mojito        19.00
1 Chi-Town Plate                 49.00
1 Side Buffalo Shrimp          20.00
1 Grilled Seafood Trio          77.00
1 Top Sirloin Steak               77.00

Total                            Dhs 269.00






This is not a sponsored review and this is of author’s own opinion.




A Filipino expat in Dubai, an online ad specialist, a social media influencer, a photographer wannabe, a music lover, a loving husband and a loving father, a movie freak, a gadget geek, a foodie etcetera

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