Why Flea Market In Dubai?

  • Flea Market In Dubai

Summer Season Indoor Flea Market Is On!

Middle Eastern summer heat is no joke. A kind of weather on this side of the world that no one should dare expose himself/herself for longer periods, otherwise heatstroke could follow. Unless you are trained or used to high temperature heat exposures like those brave construction workers, who have contributed big time to the success of Dubai by submissively giving their best at work despite their meager salary.

Now, imagine having a flea market in Al Safa Park in the middle of summer. Those purposely lined up palm trees there cannot cool the weather down. For the past years since its inception in 2008, flea market frequenters tend to lie low during summer time, although organizers are finding indoor alternatives. But to me personally, flea market at the park are more tempting and appealing, but not during summer.

But very recently, the organizers have announced the Summer Season Indoor Flea Market which is going to be held in Dubai World Trade Centre. I immediately called my wife’s attention after learning the news and it’s a big WOW to her. Aside from the air-conditioned facility of DWTC, the proximity is a big plus here. Dubai metro station is just walking distance. And one more thing, entrance is free! Kudos to the organizers for this!

Why And What’s With Flea Market?

Well, Dubai flea market is for everybody. I mean, everybody here means everybody who loves to sell or buy second-hand and handicraft items. So if you are an expat who have stayed in Dubai for 2 decades now or more and wanted to reunite with relatives and settle back in your home country, flea market is the best venue to do garage sale along with other sellers. Or perhaps someone who doesn’t cling that much on material things, and frequently de-clutters to maintain that minimalist in you, flea market is the answer.

On the other hand, if you are fond of buying second-hand goodies, flea market is the place. Who knows, you will find that first released Macintosh computer here and make it your own and sell it again years after with a higher price of course. LOL!

I remember the first time myself and my friends joined the flea market in Al Safa, it always gives me a happy thought – the experience and fun in selling our own stuff. The saying holds true, “somebody’s trash is someone else’s treasure”.  After selling almost all of our displays, we did our turn as buyers as well and bought something for ourselves too.

Flea Market In Dubai

Flea Market in Al Safa Park, Dubai – March 02, 2013

Another thing I learned from that experience is something about marketing. The thought of selling is somewhat easy thing to do, but actually doing it is a totally different thing. You need to put in some effort to sell. Hard selling if I may put it, is I think a must in flea market, especially when the number of buyers starts to dwindle.

This coming Friday, June 14, my wife and I will be there at the Za’abeel Hall 2, Dubai World Trade Centre, not as sellers but buyers this time. 🙂 Let’s see what we can buy. See you there!

For other info, please visit their website or their FB page.




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  1. Melanie says:

    Thank you so much for the great blog It makes us really happy and it is such a pleasure to hear such a great feedback. We are more than happy if our customers are happy and enjoyed selling at the Flea Market. I personally would be more than grateful having a chat with you tomorrow. So when you arrive at the Drop off area outside please call me – I have something for you Regards, Melanie 0502969680

  2. Jon says:

    Ikaw na Filsan lamberang naguulat!
    Love love u bro

  3. What a good experience as a seller and buyer in a Flea Market. Nice to know it is happening in Dubai. Thanks for the information.

  4. Thanks for this post. I like it!

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