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SEATHolidays Is One Of The Most Reliable Travel Agencies

If you are someone who wants to visit this extremely progressive Emirate and Country in the entire Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), which is Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for sure the first thing to consider is how to get that best Dubai package. The same goes to those who are planning to come here to look for decent jobs, you need to have and secure the best and reliable services.

With this, I recommend SEATHolidays. A travel and tours agency that has catapulted its credibility and success through its sheer customer service.

My family, relatives, and friends, relied all their travel needs on them.  Service is fast and  no hassles. SeatHolidays is an acknowledged and a listed member of the Government of Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, just one of the obvious reasons why you can trust them. Mind you, fly-by-night agencies also exist here even in this most developed city of Dubai.

This summer, SeatHolidays is offering these for your visa requirements.

Summer Visa Promo*:

  • Transit 360 AED
  • Tourist Visa for 1 Month 550 AED
  • 2 Months Tourist Visa 1300 AED

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice

But not only that, they also arrange for all your other needs like airport pick-up, hotel reservations and bookings, city tour, and more. Now, if you are from Dubai or from UAE, and wants to travel outside the country for vacation or whatever travels you need to have, be it business or leisure, they are always there to serve you and you can check that from here. If you have been using the services from other so-called leading travel agencies whose mark-up gets a chunk of your travel budget, then now is the best time to make that switch! Try SeatHolidays and you will get travel packages tailored especially for you, according to your budget.

I have been using them for six year now, and I can say that not one transaction with them failed me. They live up to their promise that is “to serve you” with the best customer service and with the best Dubai package.

To learn more and to get that information you really need, you can directly contact them on Tel. number: 00971- 42955945 l Email: help@seatholidays.com l Website: http://www.SeatHolidays.com





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  2. Very informative post here about Dubai holidays for the travelers. Dubai is really a best tourist destination because it has a lot to offer starting from stunning skyscrapers to souks and options for skiing. If you are planning for a holidays to Dubai, it is more better to hire a travel agency because they have all the required information about affordable hotels, tourist spot in Dubai and everything else.

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