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Newest Shake Shack At Mercato Mall, Dubai, UAE

Thanks to M.H. Alshaya for bringing Shake Shack here in the Middle East and for putting up more branches. The recently opened branch at Mercato is just but very timely and strategic. The first outside of the US branch which is that in Mall of the Emirates, which opened in April 2011, has always been jam-packed with loyal customers who kept on coming back and with new customers as well.

Shake Shack, the New York based burger chain which was founded in 2004, athough a bit expensive compared to popular old chains like MacDonald’s or Burger King, still they’re able to capture followers because of their distinct and delicious burgers, fries, hot dogs, milkshakes and custards.

When both my wife and I received a sponsored SMS about their opening in Mercato Mall, we immediately gave it a go since it is very near from our place and it was on a Saturday. SS at Mercato is wide, roomy, very comfortable to hang out with friends, family and even groups.

shakefacadeone ShackFood SHACKShades FamilyShackmercatodubaiI had a Double Stack Burger and a root beer, my wife had a Shack Burger and a glass of Iced Tea, my son had a Cheese Hot Dog and Cheese Fries with Lemonade and one Venetian Custard Vanilla Concrete for all.

Earlier in my previous post of Shake Shack, I already gave them 10 and there’s no reason I’d give their Mercato branch now with a lesser rate. So 1 of 10, it is 10++++++ 🙂

The pluses go to the free Shake Shack shades of course! I am not sure if they’re still giving those until now. We are just among the few fortunate Shake Shackers who had them, I think. LOL!





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