Designed For Touch Innovative Technologies By Acer Soon To Hit The UAE & The Middle East

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My Acer Experience Of Their More Human Approach

Technologies are constantly evolving. They just come and go nowadays. Some things rise up and some things just disappear without getting noticed, others were simply not given the chance to showcase the good things they could offer.

During the Acer’s Exclusive Bloggers’ Meet held at Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, the issue was given clarity with solutions through their innovations, that make technology more user-friendly or in a word, “more human” as they put it. John Miedema, Director of EMEA Mobile and Options Divisions at Acer Europe has said, “Acer believes in Modern Day Exploration”, with that and with their core values which are curious, progressing and human, they brought with us good results. These are the upcoming devices, which will soon hit the UAE and the rest of the Middle East markets.

It was a privilege to have had a sneak peek and a first-hand experience of Acer’s upcoming devices, which dramatically changed my perspective towards the brand. As these designed for touch devices were presented, their innovations being put into each of these devices were very revealing to me.

They have smartphones, phablets, tablets, ultrabooks, notebooks, netbooks and the so called all-in-ones that carry the principle of touch – one of the vital senses that a human has and that is being applied into these devices.




Take one for example the most innovative among the Acer’s lined-up upcoming devices to the UAE and the Middle East, so far, the Aspire R 7, which totally captured my attention. By just looking at it, one would say it is just nothing but a regular Acer notebook, but not until you see it right in front of your very own eyes and feel it with your own hands. It is like magic. Never for a laptop or notebook to have this design. It does not only give you a distinct look but it also gives you that more user-friendly kind of feeling technology. The Aspire R 7 gives one a total pleasure and convenience at the same time in whatever you do. A realization indeed of Acer’s “explore beyond limits” slogan.

Well, I am not through with them just yet. I don’t want to dig deeper on the speed and operating system (although Acer recommends Windows 8) because I would like to leave that up to you; you can have it according to your preferences.

But I just can’t get enough of that patented “The Ezel™” hinge in the R 7 which basically serves as the main factor of this revolutionary initiative or innovation by Acer being put into a laptop or a notebook. To me, this will be the saving grace of laptops/notebooks to remain and continue its presence in the world of technologies contrary to what has been perceived by many, that it’ll be gone soon after the popularity goes to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and phablets.

Talking about smartphones, phablets and tablets, Acer also doesn’t want to be left behind. As part of their designed for touch innovative devices, the Liquid S series smartphones run with Anroid OS, will also be available here soon along with the Iconia W series tablets. These devices by the way, use the latest components available, that could give one a high definition display. One of which is the Gorilla Glass for the monitors. “It is a kind of alkali-aluminosilicate sheet toughened glass, engineered for a combination of thinness, lightness, and damage-resistance”.

GITEX, Middle East’s largest and most anticipated consumer IT and electronics exhibition will start tomorrow, Saturday, October 5, 2013 at the Dubai World Trade Center. A great chance for you to have a look at these Acer designed for touch devices.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), there have been big declines among the recent top three competitor brands but still they made it to the top three. Acer on the other hand, which currently holds the 4th position, had a slight increase of 8.1% market share for 1Q13 from 8.0% market share in the previous quarter.

With these latest innovations brought to us by this Xizhi, New Taipei, Taiwan based company, these could possibly increase its worldwide shipment and market share and regain the status as the world leader that they previously hold, specifically in the world of PCs.





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