Harley-Davidson Community Came Together With Hope To Change Lives

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Come Together, Change Lives

For 3 years now, the Harley-Davidson community has always been on the lead of this cause, which aims to support the United Nations World Food Program. Last year, the H-D community were able to raise $ 25K and donated to UNWFP which feeds over 90 million people in 80 countries every year. A remarkable cause from this community composed of different groups of motorcycle enthusiasts in the UAE and the whole of Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

“It is brilliant to see that we have now created an annual Harley-Davidson tradition of riding in camaraderie while uniting for good causes such as the battle against child hunger,” said Elsa Abi Nader, Harley-Davidson Marketing Manager for MENA



H-D Community leads the Thunder Bike Parade, Friday, October 25 as one of the highlights of Gulf Bike Week. Photo Credit: Paz Marketing

H-D Brings Back Memories

My mother never missed a thing sharing their romantic moments with my late father back when they were still dating. And she never missed to mention their joy in riding with my father’s big bike then, with chopper sounds Indian motorcycle (a counterpart of Harleys). She usually shared it to me and to my older siblings how fond my father was to big bikes. That is where my interest towards big bikes with big machines probably started.

Last Friday, October 25th, I went to Harley-Davidson’s Sheikh Zayed Road branch in Dubai for their Open House. A dream realization for me, to be like “rubbing elbows” with the legendary motorcycles. It was so self-gratifying. I was there, caressing all those classic curves of the motorcycles, admiring all the spick-and-span Harleys as well as the pre-loved ones.

Aside from the displays inside and outside of the showroom, hundreds of other Harleys lined up in the area. Harley-Davidson Groups/Riders from other Emirates and from other GCC countries who travelled to Dubai were there at the open house. All of them were actually here, also for the yearly Gulf Bike Week, which commenced last Thursday, October 24 and culminated, Saturday, October 26.

Hearing those loud and thunder-like chopper sounds of the Harleys seems like, all those fond memories my mother had told me came back altogether. I was still 3 when my father died.  This experience just reminded me of that silent longing for my father.  How I wish my father was with me, we could have talked about motorcycles and stuff.  It would have been cool.

I was so grateful for H-D Dubai for the invite and for the wonderful experience I had  during the weekend. While I was there at the place, it was like my father was with me checking all those great bikes.


Harley-Davidson showroom façade at Sheikh Zayed Road, between Interchange 2 & 3, Dubai.




Classic H-D with a V-twin engine.


The lady rider willingly poses for a snap on her great customized Harley, a trike, called Tri Glide Ultra Classic. A particular Harley fit for those who loves extra driving convenience.

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The legendary brand which started in 1903 was founded by Mr. Harley and the Davidson brothers.

If you wish to visit their showroom or want to learn more about Harley-Davidson, you can check their Harley-Davidson Dubai website for contact details and all.





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