Dubai Shopping Festival Is Not Just All About Shopping

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Here’s why…

This year’s Dubai Shopping Festival, on its 19th edition, which started last January 2, right after the extravagant and record breaking fireworks display in Burj Khalifa, Atlantis The Palm, The World and Burj Al Arab, is full of excitement.

To some expats who have just celebrated Christmas and New Year, DSF is somewhat pocket-draining activity. Some would shy away going to the malls to avoid another spending.

But the good thing is, DSF is not just all about shopping and spending your hard earned money. During DSF, you can also see feed your eyes with all these:


Displays of psychedelic lights at the Creek Bur Dubai side.


Fireworks displays every nights entertain hundreds if not thousands of revelers for the whole duration of the festival.


Smurftastic show at Reef Mall Deira entertains kids, and parents too. 🙂


Czech tap dancers share their different way of moving their feet coupled with bird-chirping-like voices in every change of movement at Mercato mall.


These are just some of the so many different entertainment and cultural shows being showcased by all the malls all over Dubai.

But if you are among those who really made preparations and spared enough dough for this years DSF, then better visit now for great tips and information.






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