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Try This Something New

We all know the origin of this ancient food, pizza. A food which conquered the world. In this particular (food) conquest, the Italians beat the other conquestadores, figuratively and literally. No matter where you are in the side of the world today, you can find pizzeria everywhere near your area. Although, different techniques and improvisation are now being applied by anyone, hoping to come up with a new and distinct taste, but still, no one can erase and steal the legacy that belongs to the Italians.

In Dubai in particular, you can easily find a pizzeria whether online, malls or even in sidewalks like that in the famous Al Satwa. But if you want to try something new, I’d recommend this one and only Australian pizzeria, OZ Pizza. Located at the ground floor of Bayswater Building in Business Bay, anyone can visit there and give it a try.

You will feel like you are really in Australia once you get there because of this yellow kangaroo. LOL!


The number to dial is, 04-4313533.

But since this is the only one branch yet, they are only delivering their delicious pizzas in the neighboring areas of Business Bay. You can even try dialing that number now, the one you see on their façade.

Their service is great especially for a newbie pizzeria and their pizzas taste undeniably good. No doubt about it! I suggest you to first try their OZ Special, BBQ Chicken and BBQ Meat Lovers. And if you want something different for your pizza, try their garlic sauce.


OZ Pizza guarantees fresh, hot and tasty pizza.

One more thing about OZ Pizza, in case you ran out of cash and going to ATM is like impossible to you, just inform them while doing your order and they’ll bring a card swipe machine for you.

The Australian OZ Pizza, so far, is one of the best pizzas in town.

Overall rating to them, 9 out of 10!





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